Hololens: George Takei is now a Hologram Action Figure

George Takei, the actor, takes a gander at George Takei the hologram.

Hololens is doing things to make the world cooler in so many ways. The legendary George Takei is known to generations of television and movie watchers as Star Trek's Mr. Sulu. Future generations may know him as the first celebrity holographic action figure.

Holograms are the basic unit being used by Hololens for Augmented and Mixed Reality applications.  Mixed Reality is expected to be a billion dollar market in entertainment and communication platforms over the next few years. Google, Microsoft and Facebook are all investing heavily in the platforms.

For sci-fi fans out there, we have this small moment of cosmic fairness. Mr. Sulu will be remembered as having ushered us into a new age of technology.

According to Engadget, Microsoft is launching Actiongram a hologram clip app on Hololens. The App allows hololens users and developers to use three d holoclips to create movies, and other entertaining virtual products.

Amongst action clips of grumpy cat and a gallery of animals and objects (including a very spry t-rex) the app includes George Takei. The venerable actor is the first living celebrity to model for such a product.

Takei's hologram clips feature him in a pinkish salmon colored sweater doing fun frivolous little routines.  Hands on hip, he exclaims 'Oh no, she DIDn't!" as campily as possible in one of the short clips.

In another he simply says 'Oh My!' with flourish. It just slays.

Takei himself talks about the fitting choice of being one of the first to undergo the transformation to hologram. ( in the video shown below).

"We talked about holograms on Star Trek, and to actually be doing that in reality today, it was a lot of fun. Technology and being part of it at the cutting edge is a thrill that very few human beings get."

'I think its a really exciting time for video creation and story telling.' We are told by one of the microsoft programmers.

After seeing the short demo, It seems safe to say she's right.

Raise a glass to George Takei everyone. Congratulations, Mr. Sulu.

It looks like it was a lot of fun to create the actiongram holo clips, judging from the Microsoft video on the subject

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