A 'Breaking Bad' movie is in the works, and it's all about Jesse

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad the movie?

Five years after the stunning finale, Vince Gilligan is taking us back into Heisenberg’s empire with a Breaking Bad movie, which will revolve around Jesse Pinkman’s quest for freedom.

Sources disclosed to The Hollywood Reporter last night that Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad, is working on a two-hour return to the universe of BB. We know Gilligan will likely serve as writer and executive producer, and there is a possibility he will direct.

And earlier today, Slashfilm.com learned that the movie will revolve around Jesse, Walter White’s business partner who he used and abused, and the new life he wants to build for himself. Over the course of his partnership with Walt, Jesse has lost everyone and everything, and the final season (spoilers!) saw him kidnapped by neo-Nazis and forced to recreate blue meth, their signature drug.

Aaron Paul, who snatched three Emmys for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, is reportedly reprising his role, though no news on who else is attached to the project, familiar or not. While the finale of BB gave a very strong impression that Walter White, the chemist behind the blue meth, was dead, though there’s enough wiggle room to allow for a “Walt Survived” theory.

The writers of BB confessed that they found catharsis is Jesse’s happiness at the season finale: Peter Gould, writer and co-executive producer, told The Hollywood Reporter that Jesse “had suffered enough” at the hands of Walt and the figures they did business with. After the years Walt had put him through, I doubt he’ll let anything get in the way of his escape from Albuquerque.

No word yet on release or production dates. Nor do we know if the movie will premiere on television or in a cinema (though since it is being produced as part of Gilligan’s deal with Sony TV, a television premiere is likely).

Vince Gilligan could not be reached for comment.

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