Ariana Grande: A survivor with unbreakable strength

Ariana Grande, Billboard Music Awards, Sweetener

6. Constant judgment about her relationships

The number of women a man dates never gets judged, but once it’s a woman dating a lot of men, it’s all anyone can talk about and Grande is no stranger to the comments on who she’s dating.

When you’re in the public eye, dating can be hard, especially when you’re such a big star, but Grande never fails to find love – which is totally fine! She’s young and should be dating, the fact that it’s publicly is why people have so much to say on it! Sure, you may think she’s dating a lot of guys and moving quickly, but would you really think that if she wasn’t famous? Probably not.

She uses her music and again, her confidence to remain unfazed by the negativity people associate with her dating life and good for her! It can’t be easy to be such a big star dating, let alone have everyone judge you while you’re dating someone. Whether it was Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Mac Miller, Pete Davidson, or anyone else she’s dated in the past, as long as she was in the public eye, people had things to say.

Grande is now taking time for herself as she’s been through a lot, but when she’s ready, let the girl be with who she wants!

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