'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' recap: 'Sojourn'

American Horror Story

From warlocks to satanist.

The newest episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, “Sojourn,” certainly takes a dark turn, even for this show’s standards.

We last left Michael Langdon out in the wilderness as Mead was burnt to the stake by the coven of American Horror Story witches.

He’s now returned from his spiritual cleansing, or whatever you want to call it, and is less than pleased by what he sees. Clearly in grief, he makes a promise to Cordelia that he’ll find a way to bring Mead back to life and, when he does, together they’ll kill every single last witch.

American Horror Story
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The next scene, though, reveals that Michael has no idea whatsoever how to do that. He heads back out into the woods, draws a satanic circle and sits there for the next four days, begging Satan to give him some kind of answer.

Classic American Horror Story.

We later see him roaming the streets looking nearly homeless, when he stumbles upon a back alley door that leads him into a secret cathedral.

A cathedral that just so happens to be a Church of Satan that, wouldn’t you know it, is in the middle of a satanic service lead by Sandra Bernhard herself.

American Horror Story
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Micheal mostly keeps to himself while Bernhard gives a charismatic performance that mostly just involves a lot of screaming and disgusted looks. Until, that is, one of the members singles him out.

Madeline (Harriet Sansom Harris) notices Michael looking lonely and singles him out, later taking him back to his house to show him all the great gifts satan provides to his follows.

She doesn’t know, of course, that she’s talking to the anti-Christ himself until Michael drops that bombshell and reveals that he is the one that she’s been searching for.

The two of them return to the Church of Satan the following night, making the same announcement to the entire congregation, which is then met with a bunch of “Hail, Satan” chants and blood sacrifices (what are we doing here, American Horror Story?).

American Horror Story
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While everyone who witnessed the event is certainly excited about all of this — leading to a pretty humorous moment where everyone tries to get him to eat the food they brought to their weekly potluck — Michael is still feeling down. He doesn’t know what to do without Mead, especially now that this entire church is looking to him for guidance as they begin to take over the world.

Madeline has an answer for that. She drives Michael out to some big factory along the coast, telling him that she’ll put him in touch with people who can solve all his problems.

Those people are two technology geniuses/major drug addicts who, like so many in American Horror Story, have sold their soul to the devil. They also just so happen to be played by Evan Peters and Billy Eichner.

American Horror Story
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That’s right, along with all the returning American Horror Story characters that have appeared this season, Peters and Eichner play not one, but two new characters each in Apocalypse. This is really starting to get a bit confusing.

The two of them have basically started a company that can bring dead people’s souls back from the afterlife, only to have them then placed in an artificial robot body — finally explaining why Mead was revealed to be an android in the second episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

Which means you can probably fill in the blanks of what happens next. Michael goes to them with the request, Evans and Eichner complete the task and, ta-da, robot Mead is born.

The other notable thing that happens here circles back to Sarah Paulson.

American Horror Story
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Turns out, Venable, too, works at this company. She’s Evans and Eichner’s secretary, meaning she’s mostly just bringing them mountains of cocaine to snort (they won’t overdose because they pledged their loyalty to Satan or something like that) with the same snippy attitude we saw at the beginning of this season.

She’s not there when Mead is brought back to life, but it does raise a few questions that American Horror Story still needs to answer — mostly how all the characters we see now get to where they were in the season premiere episode.

There are only two more episodes to do it in, too, so they better get cracking.

Tune in to FX tonight to catch the newest episode of American Horror Story and check out our other American Horror Story recaps by clicking here!

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