We Are The Catalyst continues with the momentum with 'Predators'

"Predators" Single Cover, We Are The Catalyst

New single has a powerful message

With the transformative power of their music, Swedish rock/metal band We Are The Catalyst is bringing the masses straight from dark to the light and engaging audiences with their hypnotic sound.

Best described as curating to a melee of genres, among them Alternative Metal, Emotional Rock, Metalcore, Electronic Rock, Pop Metal, Dark Rock and much more, the cadence altogether coalesces into a strong modern feel.

With an EP and two albums to their credit, WATC’s sound grows stronger and bolder with each ensuing record.

With each subsequent release, WATC continues to reach a darker and more emotional cadence.

At their core, WATC is a band that strives for deeper emphasis in their music and their songs oftentimes tackle controversial topics.  For example, their single “Don’t You Worry Child,” which was released off of their debut album, Monuments, was a blunt assessment of child abuse and the steps we can take to help prevent and stop this terrible problem.  Jerry Springer makes a special appearance at the beginning of the music video as he goes on to make a request to viewers in order for them to help raise funds for the cause (all proceeds from the single will go to The Fostering Network in helping children in need find loving homes).

Their latest single, entitled, “Predators” is no different.

About the inspiration behind the song, the band says:  “With this song we wanted to go darker and heavier than we have before, adding an uncomfortable air to our sound.  “Predators” is a song about decadence, striving for fame just for fame, climbing to the top over bodies, and also having blind faith in various forms, be it religion or idolizing actors, musicians, etc.  From the lyrics – “Your love embrace/Our empty faith/A simple phrase/And you will praise”, criticizing how easy people follow others that they believe have all the answers without questioning, and how they are almost making gods out of famous people for no reason other than them being famous.”

“Predators” follows through with a heavy metal sound blended in with revving guitars and melodious vocals to pave the way for a healthy dose of pop blended with metal.  With heavy rhythms coming from the bassline, the soaring vocals create an ethereal gap amidst the abysmally heavy metal undertones.

The MV features the band performing while in and out syncs footages of a couple taking their baby on a walk in a stroller.  They end up at a tattoo parlor.  It looks like the husband is getting a tattoo but by the end of the music video, the twist is that the baby is the one getting the ink instead, while the mother is busy scrolling through posts on social media.  A close up of the baby’s torso by the end of the music video features these words etched on its backside, ‘Primed For Hate,’ sending an ominous message to audiences that the world we are in today is stock full of ‘predators’.

We Are The Catalyst creates many a catalytic moment with their music.  And with the release of their latest single, “Predators” WATC delegates a hypnotic metal vibe filled with an inviting pop metalcore twist.

Deeply emotional with dark emotional overtones, “Predator” also reverberates with a powerful message.

The kind of music that fans of Evanescence and metal will appreciate, We Are The Catalyst is here to stay.  With unique music that speaks to the fundamental innate parts of ourselves, WATC is an authentic band up for great things.

“Predators” is the first single from their upcoming album Ephemeral to be released early 2019.

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