U.K. songstress LeeSun returns with a new quirky and whimsical single, "My Life"

"My Life" Single Cover, LeeSun

Just a month ago I posted a single review for LeeSun’s lead single, “Dry Your Tears,” off her upcoming album, Singing You This Song, due out for release Oct. 29.

The dynamic songstress is now back with her second single off the upcoming album, entitled, “My Life.”

“My Life” is a quirky pop song with whimsical vocals that has a playful and theatrical air.  The MV features LeeSun at hotspots throughout Europe as she performs, hula hoops, and hands out the hoops out to passersby as they attempt to hula hoop themselves.

This is a fun-loving song with a catchy and upbeat vibe.  The colorful track follows through with an infectious tone and sends a message of a spirited and carefree attitude towards life – as long as you live life the way you want to and are happy, nothing else really matters.

With a different tone from the emotional “Dry Your Tears,” “My Life” instead is executed in an eccentric manner.  Not only is the MV cheery and fun-loving it also encompasses the sunny mood of the music.

LeeSun proves she is a versatile artist with the release of this new single.  The UK singer-songwriter is able to embody different moods, attitudes, and motifs within her eclectic body of work, which really goes on to show her range as an artist.

An artist with the ability to turn the universal into the personal, Leesun is an authentic singer, whose colorful palette really showcases her talented artistry.

About her second single, LeeSun says, “This song is all about the drum fills.  In other words, it’s about doing what makes you happy, no excuses who cares what others think.  Just don’t hurt others while you’re at it!”

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