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This Is Us

The show that brings on the tears and heartbreak is back this week for episode 5. That’s right, I’m talking about NBC’s his emotional drama, This Is Us, where this week we get a look into a beloved character’s past which we haven’t seen before.

The episode starts out on a young Toby dressed as a ghostbuster ready to take on the world, up until he hears his parents screaming at each other that is.

To block out the screaming, he turns on his fan and lays in bed.

Back to present day, after a few weeks, a lot of stress and back and forth calls between the doctor and Kate and Toby, we found out that there was one embryo that was successful from Kate’s surgery.

Its prom night for the big three and Randall and Kevin are excited, but unfortunately, Kate isn’t going.

Beth and Randall are getting ready for a big day – Beth has a big interview post firing from her job and Randall is doing his first campaign for city council. Beth tells him whatever he does, do not cry in front of the people.

this is us

Randall reminds Beth that if ever she isn’t feeling the campaign anymore, he’ll drop out.
Zoe and Kevin are on their way to meet Jack’s friend from the Vietnam war, Mr. Robinson when Zoe realizes she forgot her silk pillowcase.

Kevin makes a joke saying how now she’ll never be able to sleep without her fancy pillowcase.

Young Toby has to go back to school shopping, but his baby brother is crying and his mother is about to start crying as well until he puts on a blazer and starts doing impressions which cheers her up.

Kate and Toby have to wait 8 hours until the doctor calls to find out if they’re pregnant and they make a deal to be back from work by 4 to be ready for the call.

Kate thanks Toby for being his rock as he’s leaving, but he rests his head on the door feeling defeated before he goes.

This Is Us

Past Miguel brings Rebecca a piano while the boys are off to prom and Kate said it made the place feel even smaller.

At a rest stop on their road-trip, Kevin and Zoe were getting some snacks, when the cashier didn’t think Zoe was with Kevin because she’s a woman of color and spoke to her with a rude tone, but Kevin didn’t notice.

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Randall hosts his first campaign at a diner where everyone only cares about the free food, not him running.

Toby’s dad decides to leave and while packing his bags and telling him he’d stay with him on the weekends, he tells Toby he needs to stop being so much like his mother and being so sad all of the time.

Toby desperately wants to go back on his medication because he knows he’s not doing well without them.

this is us

Kate goes to work as a singing telegram – but as Adele.

Kevin, Sophie and Randall show up to Alison’s house for prom pictures and they are welcomed warmly by Alison and her mother, but her father says he can’t do it and walks away.

Randall’s first campaign didn’t go well because all of the townspeople think of their current councilman as their friend.

Kevin started drinking on his way to prom and Randall ended up not going.
Miguel is at their house trying to fix their fridge.

There’s a flashback of when Toby’s wife left him and he’s begging her not to go.

The man who organized Kate to be their office’s singing Adele-a-gram stopped her on her way out saying she should be doing bigger things because she’s so talented, but she admitted she shuts out music when sad things happen, and sad things happen a lot.

He told her he wishes her only happiness then.

Kevin and Zoe arrive at Mr. Robinson’s home and he tells Kevin that Jack wasn’t a mechanic, but he was a squad sergeant and the reason he was alive.

Zoe is in the kitchen with Mrs. Robinson who compliments them as a cute couple, which Zoe quickly shuts down.

She then admits how hard it would be to be a black woman dating a white movie star and tells her about the silk pillowcase and the cashier.

Mrs. Robinson tells her she has to figure out if Kevin’s worth it then.

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As Randall and Beth are cleaning up from the campaign, the diner owners tell him why they’ll stand by their current councilman and it’s because he saved their diner and they feel as though they now owe him their life.

Toby’s mother came to see him after his wife left and told him he has to get out of bed and if she was able to because of a 10-year-old boy doing impressions, he can get up for her.

Toby was stuck in their arcade and was running late for the doctor’s phone call.
Mr. Robinson told Kevin that especially with this war, sometimes the answers are so dark, you’re better off not having them.

Randall shows up home after not going to prom and Miguel stops him and tells him about how he was made fun of for being Puerto Rican at a new school and embraced it, but knew Randall was stronger than embracing it and would fight it.

Zoe and Kevin get back to their hotel room and someone delivers a silk pillowcase to their door.

Kevin told her it seemed important, so he got the best one he could find.

Zoe then told him about why she needed it – so it didn’t dry out her hair, and about the racist cashier they encountered earlier, but when he asked why she waited to tell him, she admitted that she thinks he’s worth it.

Rebecca found Kate playing the piano and told her that she felt like it made the room so much bigger because music represented a huge empty room she could walk into and pour herself out in.

Rebecca told Kate it’s okay if she’s not ready to sing now because she knows one day she will be because it’s what she is destined to do.

Kate is playing music while waiting for Toby who missed the phone call, but they’re pregnant.

Toby broke down.

As Beth and Randall were leaving, Beth said at least he didn’t cry and recalled her interview from that day, where she did cry because she lost the job she loved so much.

this is us

Kate finds out Toby went off his medication and called his doctor.

Toby is laying in bed with the fan next to his head blowing.

Sophie took a very drunk Kevin to Miguel after prom who took care of him for the night.

Miguel had a flashback of a conversation between him and Jack where Jack was filling out life insurance papers.

this is us

Miguel said they were worthless because Jack Pearson couldn’t die.

Jack asked if anything did happen, if Miguel would look out for his family, and that’s exactly what he had been doing, keeping his promise to his best friend.

Mr. Robinson decided to give Kevin letters from Jack which included a picture of Jack and a Vietnamese woman who was wearing the necklace Jack gave him before he died.

What do you think of this season of This Is Us so far, is it more emotional than the past seasons?

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