‘This Is Us’ recap: ‘Katie Girls’

This Is Us

The emotional rollercoaster is back this week for episode 3, and it’ll definitely start to clear things up and tie up some loose ends – yes, that’s right, it’s time to talk about This Is Us.

The show starts off with young Rebecca seeing her mother as a typical housewife and watch her in high school start to defy that role.

Rather than staying in a cooking class, she went to wood shop and was given some help by a boy named Alan who said he’d never seen anyone like her before and probably won’t ever again.

If you’re wondering who this Alan guy is and why he’s important, well he’s the guy that kissed Rebecca as Jack pulled up in front of her house to return her sweater.

This Is Us

We then see the aftermath of Jack who returned home and told his mother to pack her things and leave with him because of his verbally abusive father.

Back to the present where Kevin’s movie is just finishing up and everyone is in tears and cheering, commending him on how great the movie was.

Although it’s Kevin’s night, Randall was still thinking about what Kate said to Kevin about being the only one able to pass on dad and decided to confront her.

Randall tells her he’s upset by what she said, and she tells him she wants to be pregnant over adopting, especially after losing her first baby. She explained that it was easy for him and he’d never understand how she was feeling.

This Is Us

Rebecca is now seen having dinner with Alan’s parents who are excited she’s back in his life. She mentions that she wants to go to L.A. to meet with a record label, and Alan stops her and tells her New York is a better place with more soul and if she went to New York they can be together.

Randall calls the Councilman from the previous episode upset that nothing had been done to improve the rec center and the Councilman told him he’d get to it eventually.
After voicing his concerns to Beth, Beth moves his focus to Kate who she then calls and makes him speak to.

He can feel how scared Kate is and decides to fly out to her and be there for her surgery.
Rebecca says yes to moving to New York with Alan.

Kate is being prepped for her surgery.

Kevin is being interviewed by Terry Gross and while she’s asking about his father and his combat, Kevin realizes he knows nothing about it.

He recalls being at the toy store when he was young with his father and siblings and he wanted a gun or grenade and his father said no. When he kept saying how much he wanted it, Jack got angry.

Beth gets fired from the job she loves because her numbers are the lowest and they needed to cut one person from the budget, but her boss said if it was about favorites, she would’ve been kept.

This Is Us

Randall shows up at the hospital to be with Toby moments after Kate was taken into surgery. Kate immediately has a dream while under anesthesia about her teenage self telling her not to have a baby.

Once teenage Kate starts that conversation, young Kate joins in, followed by Jack telling the three of them to calm down.

Rebecca and Jack run into each other at the store and Rebecca explains who Alan was and continues by telling Jack she’s moving to New York to be a singer – which he thinks is a great idea because of her beautiful voice.

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Before he walks away, Rebecca asks Jack if he had any dreams and he responded to make sure his mother was okay, to get a good job, have a wife and family and to have a house unlike the one he grew up in.

Beth is now seen having a flashback to a conversation with William right after Randall had a major panic attack.

William reassured Beth that she could get him through this and one day he would have to do the same for her. William told her when that day comes, she can’t just sit there twirling her wedding ring trying to remember why they got married, but she has to say she needs him.

Kevin is now putting up pictures of Jack in the war trying to put the puzzle pieces together and learn more about his past.

This Is Us

He then recalls after the toy store Jack came to apologize to him and asked if he had questions about the war, to which he said no.

Zoe says she wants to help Kevin find out more information.

Toby and Randall are approached by Kate’s doctor and she mentions that Kate is having trouble waking up from the anesthesia, but it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Teenage Kate tells her to stay here with the rest of them, but Kate decides to leave.

She tells the youngest Kate that things will be great, she tells teenage Kate that she’ll get through this rough patch, and she tells Jack that she has to leave.

Kate then wakes up to see Toby and Randall waiting for her.

Randall apologizes for what he said, and Kate told him he had the most of their father in him because he flew across the country to apologize.

Kate then finds out the procedure was a success and she got 8 eggs.

Randall gets a phone call and abruptly leaves to find out that Chichi’s daughter Sky was jumped and was in the hospital but is okay.

This Is Us

Randall tells Chichi he’s not like everyone else and will do something about this problem.
He returns home to Beth and tells her he wants to run for Councilman. While this is happening, we see Beth twirling her wedding ring.

She then tells him she lost her job.

Rebecca shows up to where Jack is staying with his mother and tells him she left Alan. As they talk, Jack starts cleaning up from dinner, which makes Rebecca realize, with him, she wouldn’t have to be a typical housewife.

She then asks if he wants to go to a drive to L.A. – he said yes.

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