'This Is Us' recap: 'A Philadelphia Story'

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The hit NBC drama and tearjerker, This Is Us is back for episode 2 of season 3, and it was a lot.

If you’re not ready to take on a lot of emotions, then you better get ready because this episode gave us a lot of them and even featured less than usual but still appreciated flashbacks of everyone’s favorite leading man, Jack.

The episode began with Rebecca standing at the kitchen counter staring at the two mugs she had been so used to taking out each morning. She was still not used to Jack being gone, when we then overhear his voice say, “Come on Bec, what’s the harm in looking?”

Randall then came downstairs and Rebecca gave him a large envelope from Howard – he just got accepted into his dream school.

This Is Us

Flash forward to present day Randall and he’s picking up his three girls from their first full week of school ready to take them to get frozen yogurt, but Deja is the only one without an afterschool activity.

Deja mentioned the school was really white, so she didn’t fit in as well and how she missed her drill team.

We now see Kevin who’s with Zoe and he brings up the fact that he wanted to invite her to his movie premiere, but she said she’ll be on a plane to Chicago the morning of. When he brushes it off like it was no big deal, he offers to take her to the airport which she repeatedly declines and reminds him that she wants a casual relationship.

Now onto Kate and Toby who are in a car discussing their excitement for the premiere. Kate starts getting heat flashes from the IVF which she wants to hide from her family and Toby seems a little shakey and overexcited – due to him being off the antidepressants which Kate doesn’t know about.

Moving back to Randall, he decides to bring Deja to a rec center near the apartment building he owns to meet a girl her age named Sky who he thinks she’ll connect with.
Sky welcomes her into her group and shows her how to step as Randall makes comments to Sky’s mother Chichi about how rundown the building is looking.

This Is Us

Back to the past, we see the Pearson’s taking a tour of a new home and Rebecca once against hears Jack, this time complementing how much light the home gets. When the realtor says it only has 3 bedrooms, Rebecca says it’s okay because Randall will be going off to Howard soon and hopefully Kate will get into Berkeley, making Kevin feel irrelevant.

Kate then comments on how she never sent in the second audition tape Berkeley asked for. Kate and Toby are now getting ready for the premiere with Rebecca and Miguel and everything is going smoothly until the IVF kit falls out of Toby’s pocket.

A flashback again brings us back to Randall’s birth father William, bringing food to a new mom, Chichi, in his apartment building whose baby is crying. They sit down and get to know each other and then she asks if he wants to hold her baby. As he holds her baby, the mother tells him what a natural he is with her baby, Sky.

Moving back even further, we now see a young Randall confronting Rebecca about how she lied and hasn’t been stepping up since Jack’s death. He comments on how Kate is eating too much again, and Kevin is constantly drunk and how she just sits there and lets it happen.

Present day Randall decides to go to the councilman and speak to him about fixing the rec center. After a quick bonding and story sharing moment with the two of them, the councilman says he’d send a maintenance crew to take a look at the building that night.

Before his family starts to arrive for the premiere, Kevin gets a congratulatory basket for the movie which has a bottle of liquor in it. Looking down at the bottle, he hears a knock on his door once again and opens it to find Kate and Rebecca fighting as they walk in.
Rebecca is hurt and scared over Kate doing IVF and Kate replies saying she’s the only one that can pass on a piece of her father.

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After the back and forth between Kate and Rebecca had been going on, Toby loses it and tells them to stop. He angrily says they’ve talked to the doctors and know the risks, but they want to do it for them. He then leaves saying he needs air.

Young Randall now apologizes to Rebecca for saying she wasn’t stepping up, to which she admits he was right. She explained how hard it had been to get out of bed each day and told him about how Jack had taken her to look at a new house a few months before the fire and his death, which were the voices she was hearing in her head. The memory ended with Jack and Rebecca agreeing to stay in their home forever because it was theirs.

This Is Us

As Chichi and Randall say goodbye, she says Randall reminds her of William and it was nice to have a piece of her friend back.

Kevin spoke to Kate about how nervous he was about the movie, saying Jack was the only one who took him seriously, so this will movie will be the deciding factor if anyone else will now.

This Is Us

Toby still hasn’t returned and it’s now time for Kate’s IVF shot. Rebecca says she’ll give her the shot. Before she gave her the shot, Rebecca apologized for not being there as much as she could’ve after Jack died.

After Kevin walked the red carpet, he received a text from Zoe telling him to pick her up at the airport when she returns, hinting that she wants to take things more seriously.
Toby finally returned for the premiere apologizing for losing track of time and saying the jetlag was the reason he blew up.

We quickly see a flashback of young Randall at a friend’s home celebrating his acceptance to Howard. As the joy fills the room, he looks over and sees his friend’s parents dancing which reminds him of his own.

He then makes a phone call to Howard University and withdraws his acceptance to the school and tells them he’s sorry but he has to stay home for his family.

The episode ends with Kevin catching Randall up on all of the family drama he missed, including the fact that Kate said she would be the only one that would pass on a piece of dad.

This Is Us

As Randall’s face dropped, the lights dimmed, and Kevin’s movie began.

What do you think will happen in the next episode of This Is Us?

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