The new 'Aquaman' trailer looks wet and wild

aquaman, jason momoa

Warner Bros has just released a juicy new five-minute teaser for DC’s Aquaman, which makes one thing clear: Aquaman is cool.

But you know who’s even cooler? Mera, played by Amber Heard. Mera, daughter of King Nereus, is the love interest of Arthur Curry (Aquaman’s secret identity), but she’s also a warrior with a sharp mind. In one of the early shots of the trailer, we see her figure out how to make ancient Atlantean technology get working again, a la Lara Croft.

aquaman, jason momoa, amber heard

One thing that sets Arthur, played by Jason Momoa, apart from the rest of the DC Extended Universe is that he clearly has a sense of humor. He’s got a lightheartedness to him that not many DC heroes have been allowed to have: when finding a secret vault in the desert, he declares, “This is badass!”

We learn a lot about Aquaman’s origin in this trailer: his mother Atlanna, played by Nicole Kidman, was the queen of Atlantis, and Arthur was the product of a union between her and a man on the surface. The relationship between mother and son is unclear: we see her in Arthur’s past and present, but more tellingly, we don’t see Arthur coming to terms with his Atlantean powers.

aquaman, jason momoa

Indeed, Arthur’s quest is to bring peace back to the bottom of the ocean. When Orm, Arthur’s war-monger half-brother played by Patrick Wilson, declares his intention to wage war with the surface, Arthur engages him in a trident duel that looks awesome.

Aquaman has derived pretty sharply from the DC formula. The colors are bright and vivid, there’s levity, and we see a lot of heart in it. DC seems to have found their footing after the mess of Batman VS Superman. Yes, it’s early to call, but this trailer makes pretty clear that Aquaman will be a lot of fun.

Aquaman comes out in theaters December 21. Check out the trailer below!

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