Snapchat releases 12 new shows to watch in-app!

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It's no secret that Instagram and Snapchat have been playing copy-cat with a few of each others' key features over the past few years. However, it seems that Instagram has been doing the majority of the borrowing.

With Instagram's addition of features like Instagram Stories and the new Instagram Nametag, which allows users to share their profile with others using a unique QR-like code, it seems like an easy choice for social media users to spend less of their time on Snapchat since Instagram offers similar features and more. It seems Snapchat is consistently trying to find new ways to bring people back to their app with new updates and new content.

Enter Snapchat Originals. The photo-messaging app is releasing 12 original shows available to watch in the app. According to their website, the shows are "from some of the world's greatest storytellers," and offer a variety of genres like comedy, horror, and even docuseries.

The shows target teenagers and may feature some familiar faces. YouTuber and social media influencer Summer McKeen is the lead in the new Snapchat Original show Endless Summer, which is a drama set in Laguna Beach and centered around typical teen themes like friends and relationships.

Vivian, another of the 12 new shows, gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the life of the youngest scout at the modeling agency Wilhelmina Models, as she discovers new models to sign. This show debuts Monday, Oct. 22 in the Snapchat app, according to TechCrunch.

There is even a docuseries called Bringing Up Bhabie, starring Bhad Bhabie, who you may remember from her "cash me outside" antics on an episode of Dr. Phil in 2016. This show will follow around the 15-year-old internet star, who is now a rapper signed to Atlantic Records.

This new feature could go a number of ways. On one hand, Instagram's new television feature, "IGTV," is a slightly different concept than Snapchat Originals, (IGTV allows users to upload their own videos to the app, similar to YouTube), but it hasn't gained as much popularity as one would expect. On the other hand, Netflix makes original shows and movies that have performed very well in the past.

Seven of the 12 shows are available to watch on the "discover" section of Snapchat currently. (Swipe left of the camera in the app, and scroll towards the bottom).

Will you watch any of the new shows through Snapchat? Will Snapchat become the new Netflix?

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