Rapper Ja Rule takes shots at 50 Cent on social media *NOT LITERALLY*

If you're looking for more social media beef, you've come to the right place.

Rapper Ja Rule pulled out all the stops on 50 Cent earlier this week, taking to Instagram and Twitter with photos of the Power executive producer donning a face full of makeup.

"This beef is a JOKE to everyone except this lil ape looking b*tch," Ja tweeted. "She mad mad!!!"

“This looks fit you Ol ho ass nigga…@50Cent,” Ja Rule's caption read.

Another Instagram post shows 50 Cent with his arm around a fan in drag, suggesting sexual activity between the two men. The posts have now been removed from Instagram.

These posts were a reaction to 50 Cent's petty "seat stealing" and taking a jab at singer Ashanti for low ticket sales.

Before Ja's latest contribution to the beef, 50 Cent joked on Instagram about buying 200 seats to Ja Rule's next show, just for them to be empty. The response also came from Fiddy clowning Ashanti, who is under Ja Rule’s Murda Inc. label, for canceling a show in New York after only selling 24 tickets.

50 Cent took to Instagram on October 26 with a post of him smiling and sitting around empty chairs.


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What a show, ?I mean just fucking great. Do it again?my kid went to the restroom. LOL #bellator #lecheminduroi

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Are you keeping up with the beef or are you over it? Comment below!

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