RANKED: Every 'Halloween' film to date

The new Halloween movie is right around the corner and we can’t wait. It played at TIFF a couple weeks ago, generating all kinds of positive buzz, with lots of people saying it’s the second-best Halloween movie to date (which is completely understandable, because nothing will ever top the original).

Even though this new Halloween is retconning everything that comes after that 1978 original, we figured now was a good time to go revisit all the Halloween movies that have come before it.

And, hoo boy, are there some stinkers.

Credit: YouTube

Not including the not yet released Halloween movie, there are ten films in the franchise to date. Three of them are good. A few are okay. Most of them are bad. A few are god-awful.

Still, we sat down and watched them all, just so we can come up with a ranking list of every Halloween movie to date. Here’s what we’ve got.

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