‘New Amsterdam’ recap: ‘Every Last Minute’

New Amsterdam

What an emotional rollercoaster NBC’s newest medical drama, New Amsterdam is starting to be. You get love, heartbreak, pain and the new medical director that’s hiding a big secret from everyone he knows – except for one person.

The part we’ve been waiting for since episode one was finally shared, Dr. Max Goodwin was fired from the Dean of Medicine.

But of course, if you’ve been keeping up with this show thus far, you probably know Max knows how to talk and get what he wants – and that’s exactly what happened, he smooth-talked his way out of being fired by explaining that if he doesn’t continue what he’s doing the hospital will be shut down.

The Dean then agrees to give him 6 months to make New Amsterdam Hospital a better place, but Max agrees to 3 months.

We now hear sirens and see a man, completely naked, digging up a grave repeating “I lost her.”

Then back to the hospital, everyone’s being rushed around because a prisoner is being brought in from Rikers Island, the prison that’s attached to the hospital.

Dr. Sharpe chases Max down and tells him she wants to start treatment but needs to have certain procedures done first. Then to Dr. Sharpe’s surprise, Max tells her he hasn’t told Georgia about the cancer, but he will when she’s better.

And what do you know, we now see Georgia getting ready to be released from the hospital and she tells Max she wants to go stay with her parents in Connecticut.

The conversation with Georgia makes Max later for a staff meeting which when he shows up is being run by the Dean himself where he’s explaining that there will be a possible investor coming to the hospital tomorrow and has 10 million dollars she isn’t sure if she wants to donate – which means everyone must be on their best behavior.

We see Dr. Kapoor at the coffee shop in the hospital waiting for an important phone call and the barista tells him it seems like he got ghosted.

New Amsterdam

Dr. Bloom is now with the prisoner who is very pregnant and has high blood pressure and wants her released from handcuffs, so she can relax, but the guard says no.

Iggy is now meeting with the mysterious patient from earlier who was digging up a grave, Ray, who lost his fiancée and thinks he’s invisible.

Prisoners and invisible naked men – makes for a perfect day for a wealthy investor to come along.

Max greets this investor, Mrs. Ryland whose husband past away but was originally saved in that hospital prior to his death.

Mrs. Ryland jokes about knowing more about the history of the hospital than Max considering he’s been there for 5 days to which he responds, “but I can tell you more about where it’s going.”

New Amsterdam

Iggy explains to Dr. Kapoor that Ray thinks he is invisible, only to find out, he’s gone missing which opens the floor to many invisibility jokes by Dr. Kapoor.

As Mrs. Ryland’s tour is going on, Max sees Ray behind a door, completely naked.

Dr. Sharpe meets with patients who doubt her qualifications because they’ve only seen her on tv and notice she hasn’t been around the hospital much, so they decide to go to a doctor who will make their case a priority.

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Max and Mrs. Ryland meet with Dr. Reynolds, the new head of the cardiac department, aka not the man that saved Mrs. Ryland’s husbands life the first time. We also meet the first of the department members he hired, 3 young women of color.

Dr. Bloom interrupts the tour to borrow Max because her prisoner patient, Janelle refuses to deliver the baby even though that’ll result in them both dying.

Janelle tells Max she doesn’t want her baby to end up in foster care like she did and wants to hold off giving birth until she’s released in 6 weeks and Max tells her he’ll figure out a way for her to be with her baby.

New Amsterdamn

Iggy is still frantically looking for Ray, when Ray’s fiancée, Maddy shows up.

Iggy and Dr. Kapoor come to the realization that Ray didn’t think his fiancée was dead, he thought he was which leads them to find him hiding in the morgue.

Dr. Bloom sees Dr. Sharpe looking upset in the elevator and tells her to prove her credibility because she’s done incredible things for the hospital and is amazing which puts Dr. Sharpe in a completely different mindset.

Iggy and Dr. Kapoor do an MRI of Ray and find out he has a tumor which is causing his delusions and even though he’s not dead soon, he may be soon.

Dr. Bloom now runs into Dr. Reynolds in the elevator and comments on his hiring’s asking if any of those women are possible contenders for him.

Dr. Reynolds defends his hiring’s explaining that they each have glowing recommendations and explains how only 19% of surgeons are women – 0% are women of color, so he made sure that’s who he hired first.

Mrs. Ryland is back with Max and questioned why he fired most of the staff to which he explained, they only cared about money and he needed a staff that cared about patients.
Janelle delivers her baby but refuses to hold it because she wouldn’t want to give her back afterward.

Max proposes to Mrs. Ryland, instead of giving the $10 million to the University, why not give it to Rikers Island to keep mother’s close to their newborns and out of foster care – and she agreed.

New Amsterdam

Janelle will get to stay close to her baby until she’s released.

Ray and Maddy are reunited and Iggy and Dr. Kapoor find out the tumor is completely treatable, and Ray will be back to normal the following day.

Dr. Kapoor goes back to the barista and asks what ghosting means – to which he realized, he’s the one that ghosted his son, not the other way around.

After looking at the newborns, Max realizes how badly he wants to be a father and tells Dr. Sharpe he needs her to be his doctor. She admits how great she is and tells him they’ll be starting chemo and radiation in 3 weeks and he will do everything she says.

Max then chases after Georgia and tells her he wants her to stay because he wants to be there for her and their baby – she agrees.

Max wheels Georgia through the hospital lounge screaming, “I’m going to be a father!”

What do you think will happen next on New Amsterdam?

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