‘New Amsterdam’ recap: ‘Boundaries’

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f you’re looking for a good tear jerker, then this week’s episode of NBC’s New Amsterdam is right for you.

If you remember from last week, Max convinced Georgia to come home with him and she agreed. Well, this week’s episode started out with Max, waking up on the couch, cleaning up their home and bringing Georgia breakfast in bed – only to find her on the floor attempting to build baby furniture.

After an already busy morning, Max is on his daily run to the hospital when he passes a homeless woman with a very infected foot. Although he wants to help her, she tells him to leave her alone.

At the hospital, Iggy gets the community garden he’s been pitching for years, the only downside is it’s sponsored by Volt Cola, which goes against his initial plan of making the hospital healthier.

Dr. Kapoor is on his daily walk with Iggy when he explains he brought an Indian sweet treat to give to the barista, Ella, in the hospital to thank her for her for showing him kindness. Iggy then tells him it seems flirtatious.

We then see Dr. Bloom taking what seems to be Ibuprofen which someone ends up taking when a patient gets brought in.

The patient is a cardio surgeon from Baptist hospital who has an aneurism.

Dr. Reynolds has to take the lead on his surgery, but all other cardiac surgeons are at a convention in San Diego, so now they’re down to just Reynolds.

Max makes the decision to take all of the ambulance patients from Baptist to help until the cardiac surgeons return in 5 hours and has everyone working double time to save the patients.

New Amsterdam

Dr. Kapoor gets the first angry patient of the day who is complaining of dizziness, but when he asks her to explain how she feels in more depth, she becomes agitated and insulting. He then tells her he’ll be back when she can explain what dizziness means to her, so he can properly diagnose her.

Dr. Sharpe is obtaining cells from a child who may have had her cancer come back, Tianna. Tianna asks what it’s like to die, but her parents reassure her she won’t need to think about that.

Max steps out to bring the homeless woman, Faye, medication to help her. She then asks if he can take a look at her brother who’s very sick.

Dr. Bloom goes into the operating room and tells Reynolds he needs to hurry because they have surgeries piling up and says if he can’t hurry, he should take on the only competent resident that’s been helping her, Nottingham – but he refuses and says he isn’t ready.

Dr. Kapoor once again checks on his dizzy patient, who still won’t explain what dizzy means to her.

New Amsterdam

Dr. Sharpe’s patient, Tianna’s cancer is back, but her parents don’t feel like they can tell her.

Max examines Faye’s brother who he discovers will die if he doesn’t come to the hospital, but he is told to leave.

Max returns to the hospital and now the Dean of Medicine is there and angry.

Max apologizes to all of the department heads and asks for their help to fix it, including the Dean.

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While Iggy is trying to calm down his patients by bringing them to the roof for air and more space, he notices a plant growing in the cement, which make his decision on not taking the sponsorship.

Dr. Kapoor returns to his dizzy patient who is now with the Dean when she finally explains what dizzy means to her. He then diagnoses her properly and sends her on her way.

New Amsterdam

One of the nurses, Casey, comes running past Dr. Bloom carrying a child who needs an X-ray because they ran out of wheelchairs. His intense energy leads her to ask if he had taken her Ibuprofen – he did.

Faye and her brothers come running into the hospital asking for help and asking for Max. Her brother is now coughing up blood and they discover he’s bleeding from the bronchial and they need Reynolds to operate asap.

Max goes to Reynolds to get him and Reynolds realizes he needs to put his trust on the resident he trained to finish his current surgery.

With the help of Dr. Bloom and Max, Reynolds saves Faye’s brother and Max tells Faye and her other brother he wants them to be examined.

They tell him they can’t afford it and he explained they are there to help, not to charge.

Dr. Bloom finds Casey and admits what he took wasn’t Ibuprofen, it was her Adderall for her ADHD which explained why he was bouncing off the walls and still had a headache.

New Amsterdam

Dr. Sharpe tells Tianna her cancer is back and answers her question of what it’s like to die.

She brings her to sit in a chair across the room, facing away from her parents and tells them to talk. She explains it’ll be like that, they’ll be able to talk and hear each other, but not see each other.

Dr. Bloom runs up to the roof to escape when she sees some of the department heads and other doctors and nurses who were put under a lot of stress with the extra patients building Iggy’s garden.

New Amsterdam

Dr. Kapoor decided not to give the barista the sweets and share them with the doctors instead.

Reynolds and Dr. Bloom are on a walk when Reynolds explains while he was a resident, he wasn’t allowed to touch anyone, and he said old habits die hard.

He then leaned in to kiss Dr. Bloom, but she stopped him telling him not to start something he can’t finish.

Dr. Sharpe tells Max chemo and radiation starts in two weeks and he needs to start prioritizing and saying yes to himself.

New Amsterdam

He heads home for the night and stays up to build all of the baby furniture.

When Georgia wakes up and sees it, she goes to wake him up and tell him he’ll be late for work, but he decides to take the day off and spend it with her at home.

What are your thoughts on New Amsterdam so far?

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