Meet the team of directors behind season three of 'Daredevil'

Daredevil: season three was released to Netflix last Friday. No surprise here, but it’s incredible.

credit: YouTube

So incredible that it might just be the best season yet (a bit too early to tell, I’ll admit, but it’s definitely in consideration).

There are, obviously, lots of things that make it incredible — the storyline, choreography, character arcs, performances, etc. Truly, the list goes on and on.

One specific thing that we wanted to target, though, is the directors that Marvel assembled for this new show. While most people primarily think showrunners and scriptwriters are the ones pulling all the strings when it comes to television, the director’s work shouldn’t be forgotten either — they’re the reason each episode feels slightly different from each other or looks a certain way.

So, we wanted to highlight the incredible team of directors who worked on season three of Daredevil, making sure they get their fair share of recognition. And don’t worry, we won’t spoil a thing.

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