Meet the directors behind the second season of 'Lore'

There has been a lot of great television that’s been released in October. Like, a lot a lot. The Haunting of Hill House, Daredevil: Season Three and Castlevania: Season Two have all come out in the past couple of weeks, meaning there’s certainly a lot to binge-watch these days.


One of the more overlooked shows to be recently overlooked is Amazon’s Lore, now in its second season. That’s a shame because it’s a super creepy, atmospheric show that definitely deserves some love.

Based on Aaron Mahnke’s podcast of the same name, Lore is an anthology series that tells real-life horror stories and the myths that they went on to create.

This new season examines everything from haunted clocks, satanic cults and the Salem Witch Trails, all put together two create six episodes of terror. Each episode is also impeccably well-made, with two stellar directors flip-flopping back and forth as they ad their own personal touch to the show.

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