LeBron James' home debut with Los Angeles Lakers ends with a brawl

LeBron James

LeBron James home debut as a Los Angeles Lakers involved a confrontation between Laker players, Brandon Ingram and Rajon Rondo, and Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul.

What was supposed to be a home debut for three-time NBA champion and four-time regular season MVP LeBron James, resulted in multiple suspensions. On October 20 at Staples Center, during the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers game, an altercation ensued with 4:13 remaining in the fourth quarter.

The altercation started when Brandon Ingram pushed last year's MVP, James Harden, after being called for a foul. Ingram began to argue with the referee but was surely pulled away by his teammate Lance Stephenson. Shortly after Laker guard Rajon Rondo and Houston guard Chris Paul began to argue. That's when fists were thrown and a fight broke out.

Laker forward Brandon Ingram has been suspended for four games without pay. Laker guard Rajon Rondo has been suspended for the games without pay. Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul has been suspended for two games without pay.

Brandon Ingram has been suspended for returning to and escalating the altercation by throwing a punch in the direction of Paul, confronting a game official in a hostile manner and instigating the overall incident by shoving Rockets guard James Harden. Rondo has been suspended for instigating a physical altercation, spitting and throwing multiple punches at Chris Paul. Paul has been suspended for poking at and making contact with the face of Rondo and throwing multiple punches at him.

The Los Angeles Lakers end up losing their game against the Houston Rockets 124-115.

Ingram and Rondo will begin serving their suspensions on October 22, when the Lakers host the San Antonio Spurs. Paul has already served one day of his suspension on October 21 when they played the Los Angeles Clippers.

They end losing the game 115-112.

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