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Kristofer Maddigan
Kristofer Maddigan was nominated for Best Score/Music for the Game Awards for his work on 2017’s  Cuphead, the new game that is talk of the town because of the fact that it is fun and because of its nod to classic cartoons.

Maddigan though considers himself more of a performer than a full-time composer, but he did say that he does hope for another worthwhile gaming project.  He can be heard soon playing percussion for the National Ballet of Canada’s upcoming performances of The Nutcracker.

He is originally from Saskatchewan, Canada and started playing the piano and later on the drums.  He found his vocation.  In 2009, Maddigan earned his Toronto Artist’s Diploma in percussion from the prestigious Glenn Gould School at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Kristofer Maddigan spoke with Michelle Tompkins for about his beginnings in music, how he got the job doing the music for Cuphead, where he performs regularly, what he likes to do for fun, something cool that only people in-the-know will appreciate about him, what he will do to celebrate if he wins the Game Award for Best Score/Music and more.

Listen to the Interview!

Michelle Tompkins:  What’s something you want people to know about you?

Kristofer Maddigan:  Oh, that’s a good one. You can write that I did a half hey Peter at the mall of the dead and I’m very proud of that.

Michelle Tompkins:  I’m sorry. I don’t know what that is.

Kristofer Maddigan:  Some people will and they’ll be impressed.

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