Jude Scofield's latest single, 'Don't Let Me Die Alone' is a dynamic blend of soul and pop

"Don't Let Me Die Alone" Single Cover, Jude Scofield

Melbourne-based pop-soul artist Jude Scofield developed his music sensibilities at the young age of 6 when his father gave him a guitar for his birthday.  He has been playing and singing on the guitar ever since.

During high school, he formed his first band and performed at school concerts, open nights and different areas in Melbourne.  After high school, he began to get his name out there by working and gigging professionally to support himself.  He worked as a solo artist as well as collaborating with other local wedding bands in Melbourne and mixing/engineering for other musicians.

In 2016, he picked up the piano through YouTube tutorials and began to learn more about the ins and outs of the industry by bringing his live mixing experience to the studio, learning how to mix using pro tools and producing music.

“Don’t Let Me Die Alone” is Scofield’s first song that he wrote on the piano.  It displays Scofield’s DIY spirit with the song having been written, performed, all instruments played, produced and mixed by Scofield.

The single opens up with an enticing piano melody that pervades with a great blues-rock sound.  Scofield’s rich baritone vocals are very soulful.  The MV features Scofield performing on the piano and going on dates with his love interest.

The piano is accompanied by the drums, guitar, and bass.  Scofield’s vocals have a smoky and inviting vibe.  This hopelessly romantic song is filled with viable longing and yearning.

“Don’t Let Me Die Alone” is inspired by a tragic heartbreak that transpired towards the end of 2017.  After having borrowed his friend’s bass, guitar, and drums, he used them on the record.  A string of songs followed, and if “Don’t Let Me Die Alone” is any indicator, the new record has the furnishings to become an out-of-this-world sonic display of artistic merit and authenticity.

Jude Scofield is a rising talent not to be missed!

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