John Goodman on Roseanne Barr: "she gave up a lot for the show"

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John Goodman, star of the upcoming sitcom The Connors, spoke about the impact of the cancellation of Roseanne and the sacrifices she made so its spinoff could live.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Monday night, Goodman revealed the behind-the-scenes efforts Roseanne Barr made to keep the Connor family on television. “She gave up a lot so that people could work,” he said, alluding to Barr letting go of her financial stake in the show.

He elaborates on the effort coming from cast members to find a way to continue the story of the Connor family: “It was an effort by Sara Gilbert, Tom Warner, and they got ABC to come around from what I understand.”

Barr’s booting from the show also personally affected Goodman: “I just crashed for a couple weeks…It was weird doing the first show without her because she’s my buddy. I mean, we’d just sit there and she’d make me laugh and I’d make her laugh.”

The Roseanne reboot premiered at the end of March of this year to nearly 19 million viewers but was canceled two months later, a day after Barr made a racist comment on Twitter about Obama-era White House staffer Valerie Jarrett. The Connors, a Roseanne spinoff sans the matriarch, was announced in June as a means to save ABC’s cash cow.

In the interview, Goodman promises that Barr’s absence will be addressed. He doesn’t say how, though he alludes to a BBC interview that might hold more clues.

The Connors premieres Tuesday, October 16, at 8 p.m. on ABC.

'Roseanne' sitcom dropped by ABC after racist Twitter remarks; Sara Gilbert, Michael Fishman, Emma Kenny reply

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