Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker - What fans expect of his performance

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Is there no way another critically acclaimed actor to take on a character role and act legendarily in their own way without being compared to another? This has been the debate ever since actor and producer Joaquin Phoenix became the star of DC Comics Joker (2019).

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Every actor's rendition of the maniacal clown seems to fit within the era of the movie, from Jack Nicholson’s 1989 version to Jared Leto’s 2016 version (Leto will not go unappreciated!), movie buffs and comic fans are all on the edge about what Phoenix could bring to the character to distinguish himself from the “iconic” performance of actor Heath Ledger’s Dark Knight (2008).

While some will forever hold on to Ledger’s reenactment, others believe Phoenix could bring power to the role in his own way, maybe even better than Ledger.

You can check out the latest video from the set below, courtesy of Flix Talk YouTube channel.

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