Jake Paul: Will he ever change?

Jake Paul

If you know anything about YouTube, you’re well aware that infamous vlogger, Jake Paul, has been in the public eye for quite some time now. And since Shane Dawson just filmed a docuseries on the life of Jake Paul, the influencer has been the talk of the Internet.

Many viewers would agree that Shane Dawson’s docuseries actually did Jake Paul a world of good. Due to his controversial videos, Jake Paul is disliked by many people, but Shane Dawson showed the world Jake’s vulnerable side and allowed him the opportunity to explain himself honestly and let the world see who he truly is outside of his vlogs.

Jake Paul
Credit: YouTube

I personally thought that Jake would use Shane’s docuseries as an opportunity to start fresh and transform his image from reckless to mindful. Throughout the docuseries, he seemed grateful for the opportunity to tell the world his side of the story and vow to be better from here on out.

Apparently, that’s not what the YouTube star had in mind after all.

After claiming that he was going to change his approach to YouTube and his overall lifestyle, 21-year-old Jake Paul finds himself in some serious legal trouble. Max Goodrich, a former friend of Jake Paul’s, is suing Jake for forging his name on the lease for a house.

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If that seems bad, just wait because there’s more. Not only did Jake Paul forge Goodrich’s name on the lease for the house, but he also proceeded to completely trash the house. Are we surprised? Not really. Jake’s aggressive and out of control behavior is evident in his vlogs and it's not uncommon for him to act in this manner.

Although he and Jake Paul initially had plans to live together, Goodrich ended up backing out of that agreement before it was official. Apparently, Jake Paul wasn’t thrilled by that. The YouTuber, well aware that Goodrich decided against living with him, used Goodrich’s signature on the lease because he had a good credit score.

Max Goodrich
Credit: YouTube

The homeowners are filing a lawsuit against both Jake Paul and Max Goodrich for “leaving the place in ruins,” although Goodrich claims to have no involvement in the incident. Max Goodrich is rightfully outraged and is refusing to take responsibility for the damages in the house by suing Jake Paul for fraud.

Is there still hope for Jake Paul to turn his life around? We sure do think so. As a young man with so much potential, Jake Paul has the ability to see the error in his ways and use the name he has made for himself in a positive way. We’re rooting for you, Jake!

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