'Fortnite' is setting up a big Halloween event


Fortnite is getting ready for Halloween!

Fortnite is one of the biggest games being played online right now. That's an obvious statement for gamers. So, how does one of the most popular games stay that way? Updates of course, with new maps, skins and weapons. But it's the theme of the updates that are important.

Halloween season is upon us and Fortnite is planting the seeds for what gamers anticipate will be a big Halloween themed event. With decorations popping up around the maps like ghosts, pumpkins and a haunted castle map.

Fortnite's 'Darkness Rises' of season 6 looks like a tie into a Halloween event and it makes sense considering the theme. We mentioned the haunted castle that goes along with the cornfields, corrupted areas, and a floating island.

The new skins are some cool Halloween costumes. There's a Werewolf, Little Red Riding Hood, a Vampire Mistress and a Skeleton costume shown in the trailer. These new skins also come with pets. The Werewolf has a Dragon and the Vampire Mistress has an Iguana that pops out of the backpack when equipped.

Fortnite's Halloween event is just speculation at this point, but all signs point to something more than just a new costume and some spooky decorations. Fortnite developers want to deliver something big to the millions that play it. MMO games such as this one or Minecraft need to constantly update to keep the players playing. With the holidays coming up, it's always expected we get something based on each one.

Whatever the big Halloween event is, I'm sure it will deliver fun and exciting. Characters running around blasting each other in Halloween costumes? How could you not be excited?

Check out the Darkness Rises trailer below

What do you think the Halloween event will be for Fortnite? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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