Breast Cancer Awareness Month - 14 Celebrities you may not know had breast cancer

One in eight women develops breast cancer over the course of their lives. Second only to lung cancer, breast cancer is expected to kill 40,000 women this year alone.

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However, breast cancer survival rates have increased since 2000 with early detection and strong advocates like Sheryl Crow and Christina Applegate.

Alternatives for those at high risk for breast cancer are used more as well. Angelina Jolie opted for a double mastectomy, after both her mother and aunt died from the disease, rather take the risk of getting cancer. The risk doubles when you have a first degree relative with the disease like a mother, sister or daughter.

Rene Syler chose the same treatment after both her mother and father survived cancer and found she had the BRCA1 gene.

While men only account for one percent of the breast cancer diagnosis, they are still at risk. Montell Williams, for example, was diagnosed at the age of 19 and while serving in the U.S. Marines underwent a double mastectomy.

Today in the United States there are over  3.1 million breast cancer survivors. Some of those survivors are the very celebrities we watch on film and television.

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