'Better Call Saul' season four finale recap: 'Winner'

Better Call Saul

Jimmy is dead. Long live Saul.

As Better Call Saul comes to a close with the season four finale, entitled “Winner,” we’re forced to witness the inevitable death of Jimmy McGill. Like it or not, Saul Goodman is here to stay.

We start with a flashback to when Chuck was alive and Jimmy was just starting his legal career.

Jimmy is being sworn in as a lawyer, with Chuck right there at his side. We later see them all go down to a karaoke bar to celebrate, and even though Chuck feels out of place at first, Jimmy is able to convince him to come up on stage to sing an ABBA duet with him.

Better Call Saul
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The two of then return home, drunk, laughing together as they head to bed. Chuck and Jimmy’s relationship has always been a complicated one and, even after Chuck’s death, that still hasn’t changed one bit.

Meanwhile, Mike is in red-alert after Werner disappeared at the end of the previous Better Call Saul episode.

He’s organized a team to track down Werner as quickly as possible. He has a couple hour lead, but Werner also left a letter saying his wife was flying in for the weekend and he would return after that, so there’s only so many places he can be.

Lalo is the real challenge here, as he’s begun tailing Mike. Mike realizes this and manages to advert Lalo by ditching him in a parking lot by jamming a bunch of gum in a parking ticket machine, but he’s also preoccupied and doesn’t have the proper time to deal with that matter.

Better Call Saul
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Which means it doesn’t take Lalo, who is actually pretty smart, long to figure out what’s going on here.

Both he and Mike figure out that Werner is hiding out in some resort at the same time. Lalo, however, gets to him first, as he’s smart enough to call and disguise himself as one of Gus’ men.

Right when he’s about to get Werner to reveal some details on the underground lab, Mike shows up, hangs up the phone and brings Werner to his car.

Better Call Saul
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Gus isn’t happy. At all. Despite Mike’s request, he’s ready to do away with Werner once and for all.

Mike figures he should be the guy to do it, even though he won’t take any delight in this part of the job at all. Werner was a friend, after all, or at least as close to a friend as Mike has these days. Werner solemnly understands, as he only wants to make sure his wife will be in safe hands, before accepting his fate as he walks off into the desert to stare at the stars one final time.

A single gunshot fires.

Jimmy may have been in a bit of a rough spot when were we left him in the last Better Call Saul episode, but he’s already bounced back with a plan to get his law license reinstated.

Better Call Saul
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That plan involves a con, of course, as he’s now realized what he has to do: convince everyone that he really cared about Chuck.

He starts out at Chuck’s grave, inviting a bunch of people to mourn during the one-year anniversary of his death. Jimmy then announces he's making an “anonymous” $23,000 donation for a reading room in Chuck’s name, and that he will be taking the seat offered to him on the board for the Chuck McGill Scholarship.

Even after disagreeing with the rest of the board over who should get that scholarship, it’s enough to give Jimmy a fighting chance. All he needs to do is ace his hearing.

Kim tells him to read the letter Chuck left him after his death, which Jimmy agrees is a good idea. At least, he did at first, but as soon as he gets in there and starts reading, he has a change of heart.

Better Call Saul
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“You know, this should really stay between me and him,” Jimmy chokes.

He then goes off on a sincere speech about how much his brother meant and believed in him. The entire board is in tears, Kim is in tears and, for just a brief moment, it looks like Jimmy might be in tears himself as he finally accepts Chuck for who he was.

“If you decide to not make me a lawyer, it doesn’t matter,” he adds at the end. “I’m still going to try and be the best McGill I can be.”

Then it’s over. He’s made it in. And how does Jimmy celebrate?

He runs up to Kim, telling her he can’t believe that they bought the routine. “Did you see those suckers?” he goes. “That one asshole was even crying!”

Better Call Saul
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Kim has no time to get a word in, as Jimmy is brought down the hall to do his paperwork. As he’s walking away, he tells the lady leading him that he’s going to file DBA, as he’s decided he no longer wants to use the McGill name when practicing the law.

Kim tries to question this as he’s walking away, which Jimmy answers with a four-word grin.

“It’s s’all good, man.”

That does it for this season of Better Call Saul. We knew that Kim and Jimmy might not make it through the season, and this only seems to confirm it. Kim may have loved Jimmy at one point, but she and Saul could never be.

Keep your eyes peeled on AMC for Better Call Saul Season Five announcements and check out our other Better Call Saul recaps by clicking here!

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