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The season of television series may have just started, but if it were a competition, NBC would be in the lead for great content – and their next big hit is New Amsterdam.

Put Grey’s Anatomy aside for the season, because this is going to be the medical show of the fall. The drama, the emotion, get ready because I have a feeling this one’s going to be good.

The show starts off with New Amsterdam Hospital’s newest medical director headed into the hospital after a run. As he’s getting ready with some nurses and janitorial staff members, you hear them talking negatively about the new medical director and wondering who he is in Spanish.

Little did they know, he was right there and was fluent in Spanish.

We now meet Dr. Hana Sharpe while the new medical director, Dr. Max Goodwin is being shown around the hospital. Dr. Sharpe is a publicist for the hospital who speaks at schools and goes on talk shows to get people to look into the hospital and support it financially.
If you’ve seen the trailer for this show, then you already know the firing of many staff members is coming – but Max says he wants to keep Dr. Sharpe around.

We now find out right before it’s time for Max to meet his new staff that he’s in a relationship and they’re expecting a baby – but he seemed to have left due to stress and wants to show her that he will win her and the baby back.

Now the scene we’ve all been waiting for, Max’s official introduction, where he fires nearly everyone.

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He starts off by entering the now quiet room saying the reason he wanted to work in that hospital specifically was that he and his sister were born there and she died there 8 years later due to a hospital infection that could’ve been avoided.

He makes it clear that his goal is to help with staff help their patients, so when he asks, “how can I help,” the staff is silent.

With the lack of conversation, he breaks the silence by firing everyone the cardiac department.

It’s clear now how serious he is about helping them help their patients, so people start speaking up saying what they want to see, and he simply answers, “okay, done.”

He’s willing to do whatever it takes to make this hospital better, for the people, despite what rules may be broken.

Before he leaves, he stops one of the department heads, Dr. Laura Bloom, and asks her to do a throat biopsy on him.

As the biopsy begins in between his talking, she comments on how firing the cardiac department wasn’t a bad idea but firing one specific person from it was.

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Max then goes to visit this doctor, Dr. Floyd Pearson, and rather than telling him he made a mistake firing him, he starts asking questions while unpacking his things. Before leaving, he congratulates him on being the new head of the cardiac department and tells him to build a new department.

We now meet Dr. Iggy Frome, who’s in charge of the psychiatric department and we specifically see his relationship with one young patient, Gemma who has been sexually assaulted and abused in 3 different foster care homes, so he wants to take her out of them, but doesn’t know how.

A new face is next, a patient from Liberia, Alain, who is showing symptoms of Ebola and has to get put in a sealed off room.

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The final doctor we meet is Dr. Anil Kapoor, who’s patient had a false death after her brain made her heart think she was dead. Unfortunately, nothing can be done for her without proper tests, which her husband doesn’t want to wait for.

Moving back to Alain, FBI agents come in looking for him, and accuse him of being a suspected terrorist suspect.

Now to Dr. Kapoor’s patient – he realized she was misdiagnosed with depression and Parkinson’s disease two years ago, and now has less than a year to live due to a tumor. Her only wish is to spend the last of her life with her family, but she and her husband will get kicked out of the country if they go visit and her family wouldn’t be allowed in.

Max spoke to an Ambassador staying in the hospital who was able to figure out a way for her to be reunited with her family.

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Our favorite psychiatric doctor, Dr. Frome is frantically trying to find a new and safe foster home for his patient Gemma, just until she turns 18 and can stand on her own.

Alain is now coughing up blood and losing oxygen, with only seconds to try to save him, Dr. Bloom broke protocol about wearing a hazmat suit and ran in to save him. Although it was heroic and exactly the kind of doctor Max wanted to keep in the hospital, Alain’s blood got through her glove and she was now possibly contaminated too.

Max’s wife calls frantically during this situation and says she’s bleeding and gets rushed to the hospital. The heartbeat of the baby isn’t showing up, but then luckily, it does, and it’s safe and healthy.

Back to the courageous Dr. Bloom and Alain. Alain didn’t have Ebola, but a very treatable disease that Dr. Bloom treated him for, freeing her and freeing him of any terrorist allegations.

The episode ends with Dr. Sharpe returning to the hospital for good and telling Max he has cancer – but he already knew that.

“How can I help?” The question and phrase of NBC’s newest hit series New Amsterdam that you probably should start asking. The show will be on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m., and you won’t want to miss it.

What did you think of New Amsterdam – will you be watching? Tell us below!

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