Shane Dawson in new docuseries: 'Is Jake Paul a Sociopath?'

Jake Paul

Shane Dawson is two episodes into an eight-part docuseries that attempts to profile infamous YouTuber Jake Paul in the wake of many controversies surrounding his company, Team 10 in pursuit of one question: is Jake Paul a sociopath?

The episodes so far average 40 minutes in length, and are a hybrid of traditional documentary interviews and vlog content, with some stock footage thrown in to heighten the drama. In fact, Dawson has already issued an apology on SnapChat for overusing horror movie footage while discussing mental illness.

This is not the first time Dawson has faced backlash for his work, and certainly not the first time for this docuseries. Back when he originally announced it on Twitter in July, many of his fans expressed doubts about Paul’s interest or outright said they wouldn’t watch:

The first episode, “The Mind of Jake Paul,” released on Tuesday details the history of Paul’s fall from grace and Dawson’s own motivations for embarking on this project. Jake Paul and his brother Logan (who was responsible for the “suicide forest” video last December) skyrocketed to YouTube fame very quickly after gathering a following on Vine. Jake, the younger of the pair, founded Team 10, a creative talent company of actors and models, which broke down nearly as quickly as it was established after members left, including its COO Nick Crompton, Paul’s longtime friend.

In the second episode, “The Dark Side of Jake Paul,” Dawson sits down with Kati Morton, a licensed therapist with a healthy YouTube following. Together they discuss antisocial personality disorder with a special focus on the signs someone may be a sociopath. Dawson comes to no real conclusion on whether or not Paul fits the profile, and neither does the episode.

If his uploads proceed in the every-other-day schedule, we’ll have our answer in a little over a week.

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