Nintendo unveils Fortnite Switch Deluxe bundle

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Nintendo has revealed their new Fortnite Nintendo Switch Deluxe bundle, which can now be pre-ordered from GameStop at $299.99.

The bundle includes a Nintendo Switch, 1000 V-bucks to be spent in Fortnite’s in-game shop and a Double Helix Outfit Set (the Double Helix skin, paraglider, and pickaxe). This bundle follows the trend of Nintendo releasing game-specific Switches, though it does not feature styled hardware as the deals for Smash Ultimate and Pokémon Let’s Go bundles did.

Peculiarly, it doesn’t mention that Fortnite is pre-downloaded on the Switch, as was common in the past. Nintendo sold editions of the Wii U with MarioKart 8 downloaded on it and had previously sold the Wii, its best-selling console, packaged with Wii Sports. Though Fortnite is neither meant to demonstrate the capabilities of the Switch, nor is it one of Nintendo’s most popular features, it is free to download. And maybe that is the case, and GameStop’s description fails to make mention of that.

Either way, it is difficult to picture someone who hasn’t either caved into the infectious appeal of the Switch or the addictive thrill of Fortnite. Packaging both together might convince someone to buy, but surely by now, the market for this edition of this console is shrinking.

What do you think about the Nintendo Switch x Fortnite combo? Tell us below!

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