Netflix casts Henry Cavill as lead in 'The Witcher' series


Netflix's new fantasy show 'The Witcher' casts Henry Cavill as the main hero

Netflix started production not that long ago on their new series The Witcher, based on the popular fantasy novels. We now know who will be playing the lead character, Geralt. None other than Henry Cavill.

The Witcher, written by Andrzej Sapkowski, is a series of eight books about a fantasy world of monsters and monster hunters called Witchers. The books have become a cult favorite among fantasy readers all over Europe and the U.S. The Witcher is also a video game series based on the books and have sold over 33 million copies. The last release, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is the most successful of the series.

Netflix has announced that Henry Cavill will be playing the hero of the series, Geralt of Rivia. A mutated monster hunter struggling to find his place in the world. Cavill became a household name when he was cast as Clark Kent/ Superman in Man of Steel in 2013. Since then he has appeared two more times as Superman the DC expanded universe. This will be his first TV show since appearing in The Tudors.

Netflix has proven to be able to produce top-notch shows being successful both critically and commercially. However, shows and movies based on video games never really seem to work out. The Witcher series will be mainly adapted from the novels and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich who executive produced Netflix's Daredevil will serve as producer. Also, writer and creator of the whole thing, Sapkowski, will serve as creative consultant. So I would say there is some promise for Geralt of Rivia and the show to be a hit.

With the success of Game of Thrones, fantasy shows have proven to be a profitable commodity. With that show coming to an end soon, we are gonna need something to fill that void. I personally love fantasy stories and have played The Witcher video games, so I am looking forward to seeing what Netflix can do with Geralt and all of the monsters from the world known as the Continent.

Will you be watching The Witcher? Let us know in the comments if you are a fan of the series!

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