NBC's hit drama 'This Is Us' returns

This Is Us

The hit NBC drama, This Is Us returned to our screens Tuesday night, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you already know what to do before you watch – grab some tissues.

The emotional drama series starts on an unknown family, which is confusing enough considering how many other families and eras we need to follow. We see a man taking a bus early in the day heading to work which ends up being as a professional football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, this random addition makes a little more sense considering the deeper meaning football had around this show.

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There’s a quick sequence of what’s about to go on in this episode before those main titles play. Kate might not be able to get pregnant, Deja was in court being let go of by her mother, Kevin is sleeping with someone new, and the miraculous Steeler’s win brings Jack and Rebecca together. The game talk just ended in a bar and Rebecca starts singing, and as Jack watches, two Steeler fans take notice and say, “look at this guy – he’s done for.”

We come back to find out Jack thinks he just me “the” girl, which is funny because when it shoots back to the current time, it’s also the Big Three’s 38th birthday.

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Now it’s time to dive a little deeper into all of those problems we were shown before the opening titles.

Kate and Toby, the happy newlyweds are sitting in a top fertility doctor's office. You can feel their optimism a mile away, but not the doctor's. She decides to deny their case and dim the light they felt walking in, saying it would be a risky case without a good chance.

As the birthday party prep begins at Randall and Beth’s home, Beth mentions she thinks Kevin is sleeping with her cousin who’s staying with them, Zoe, but promises to Randall on Oprah’s grave not say anything about it. If you know Beth, you know Oprah’s in some trouble.

As Beth starts screaming at Zoe, we see Kevin with Randall and Beth’s daughters, Tess and Annie, where he confesses he has feelings for Zoe and wants to take her to his premiere, sort of the equivalent to a promposal he says.

Randall, who seems to be missing all of the fun is taking Deja to the apartment complex him and Beth bought where he found his father. Deja, as stubborn and hard to read as she is, felt like he was trying too hard to be relatable, even though they’re so different, and got upset.

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Rewind back to the past for a minute to Jack and Rebecca’s first date – a carnival. Cute and corny, what could go wrong? For starters, there’s the fact that Jack only had $9 and wanted to be a gentleman and pay for Rebecca.

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We take a brief look at Kate again who was thrown a birthday brunch by her friend Madison, and as she blew out her candles, she mentioned her wish was to have a child and stated that it wouldn’t come true because she told everyone her wish, but because it was too risky.

Moving back to the party house prep, Randall tells Beth about how bad the conversation with Deja went, and Beth tells Randall how she snapped at Zoe and Kevin for sleeping together. We then see Deja sneaking out of her bedroom shortly before the party begins to find and confront who she thinks is her father telling him she doesn’t need him or her mother because she has people that want the best for her now.

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We now see Jack driving Rebecca home after what seemed like the worst first date ever, where he confesses his lack of money, and why he changed how he acted when talking about his life in the war and his brother’s death.

They agree that they’re very different and it was an awful date, but they still feel so connected, Jack says he feels like home with her. Rebecca then confesses her friends once told her that when a date is magical, she should forget something in the guy's car, she then told Jack, that wasn’t this kind of date.

Rebecca then leaned in to kiss Jack and said goodbye, leaving her sweater behind.

We go back to present day to see Deja returning home, apologizing for sneaking out, and just as a lecture is about to start, she pulls out a birthday present for Randall and his face lights up.

Now it’s back to Kate who’s in the doctor’s office once again with Toby. The doctor confessed she felt awful for making them feel so hurt after denying the couple her help earlier that day, but after talking to other doctor’s she changed her mind. Even though there was a 90% chance of failure, their doctor said she was choosing to look at the 10% chance of success.

After all of the excitement, Kate completely ignored all of the risks, but Toby seemed to be fixated on that and decided to throw out his antidepressants to try to help their chances of having a child.

It’s now time to move towards the future where we see Randall telling Tess “it’s time to see her.” We don’t know who she is yet, but she seemed upset about it. Before they go see “her,” Randall calls Toby, who’s laying alone in bed, sad.

Before the episode comes to an end, we see Jack driving up to Rebecca’s house, sweater ready to be returned, but now with a bouquet of flowers. Rebecca, who’s easy to answer the door, opens it to find a different guy holding flowers, and Jack is in the car watching everything.

With all of the twists and turns this show has and all of the emotions it plays with, what will happen next? Will Toby be okay? Who is the guy Rebecca opened the door to find? Does Kate lose the baby and her life? Will Kevin get hurt by his newest interest? Is Deja the girl Tess doesn’t want to see?

The questions are never ending with this show, but hopefully, we’ll find out some answers soon. What did you think of this season’s first episode of This Is Us?

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