National Pancake Day: 10 pancake add-ins you've simply got to try

The American style of pancakes are sweet and fluffy; slathered in butter and smothered in maple syrup. As a kid, pancakes are the ideal breakfast food to wake up to on the weekend. As an adult, they're a hearty way to start the morning or a fun way to end a late night out. They can be mini or huge, eaten one at a time or as a tall stack, but no matter what they are delicious.

Ancient Greek poets mentioned pancakes in their works during the 600s B.C. Before the late 1800s, the names for pancakes included flapjacks, hotcakes, johnnycakes and hoecakes.

However, in America, the now customary name of "pancake" didn't initially start until that time.

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Maple syrup was not always the standard pairing with pancakes- it was only until the 1880s - before that, in Europe items like rosewater, honey and spices were used in them.

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For National Pancake Day - not to be confused with IHOP's personal day later in the calendar year - we have ten things to add to your pancakes to give them a little kick when celebrating.

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