National Comic Book Day 2018 is upon us, so get ready to geek out!

National Comic Book Day

National Comic Book Day is fast approaching and will hit the shelves this September 25.

Yes, indeed the comic book does get its own day! After all, from the genre, we've received awesome heroes like Superman and Wolverine to insane villains like Venom and Magneto.

The first comic books which gave birth to the modern comic cornucopia appeared in the 1930s in the U.S. First starting with a sense for humor, the genre spread out to other storytelling forms leading to the super agents which have manifested very rapidly.

It already is an old American past time that comic books are traded, collected and have their own conventions. Online discussions, graphic novels and full-length novels are also thrown into the mix, along with a plethora of merchandise.

Don't forget how many box office smashers take their cue from the original ink and paper! For example, Marvel’s original Avengers stacked $623 million and The Avengers sequel grabbed $459 million (combined that is over $1 billion, and this doesn't include Infinity Wars either), meanwhile, the classic The Dark Knight made almost $535 million, according to National Today.

Let's start celebrating with a chronology of the origins of comic books!

1842: First prototype comic book released

 The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck was its name

1933: First modern comic book released

It was called Famous Funnies

1938: Superman is invented

 The Golden Age of comic books was brought about

1960s: Marvel creates some of its major superheroes

More crazy super heroes enter the arena, like Fantastic Four and Spider-Man

Late 1960s: Underground comix developed

This is when they start to be inspired by the counterculture

And just to sweeten things up here are three facts!

  1. In the '90s Michael Jackson wanted to act as Spider-Man so bad he attempted to buy Marvel comics.
  2. Deadpool's "medium awareness," gives him the ability to realize he is a fictional character, and it is speculated he got it from when he received his power to overcome death.
  3.  Galactus the World-Eater appears in the form of each intelligent species who see him, therefore he appears human to us because we are human, according to Buzz Feed.

Hope you enjoyed the fun facts, now it's time to get ready to appreciate comic books for what they are! Entertainment! So snuggle up and watch an action-packed superhero movie or get your favorite comic and start reading!

Whose your fave comic book character? Comment below!

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