Laura Paragano dishes out introspective tracks on debut album 'Strange Curses'

'Strange Curses' Album Cover, Laura Paragano

San Francisco indie singer-songwriter Laura Paragano’s sound conjures up the sounds of California soul and the spirit of New Jersey.  The best of both coasts, Paragano’s music is best described as “heartland-surf rock.”

Paragano’s debut album, Strange Curses, is a personal undertaking that will take listeners on a heartfelt journey of deep treading indie rock and a bolstering bluesy surf rock cadence.

Strange Curses opens up with “Out For A Surf” that has a great spiraling surf rock sound.  Some happening psychedelic vibes are also evident.  The vocals and electric guitars, here, are filled with reverb.  The track pervades with a great soulful and bluesy feel.  The happening melodies contain a heartfelt cadence.  With a smashing slow-burning vibe, the dynamic ballad has vocals that are decked out with emotion.

“I’m Fine” has a wall of reverb-drenched guitars filling this song, adding a radio-active layer to this track.  The airy feel is ill-contained with atmospheric and soaring vibes.  The song has a melancholy appeal.  On this pretty dynamic track, the great melodious sounds are overflowing.  With a slow-grinding feel, an epic guitar solo towards the end of the track brings in new heights to this album.

“Can’t Give” brings in keys at the beginning to give a groovy feel to this song.  There is definitely a nice flow to this ballad.  The vocals add a nice dynamic pulse to the music that is emotional and powerful.  The electric guitars along with the keys offer up a melodious flow.

On “3/4,” Paragano really belts out the lyrics in this number.  The lyrics are tinged with longing and regret.  The song is filled with emotions that contains some really powerful vocals from Paragano.  The cadence of trumpets sounds off on this track.

“And You” pervades with a shimmering jazzy vibe.  The gorgeous sounds on the electric guitar are electrifying.  This slow-grooving track has some nice jazzy and bluesy layers.  This is a great flowy song with a happening overarching sense of urgency on this song.  The vocals are brimmed with reverb.  This is a great soaring indie rock track.

On “California Dreaming,” the cadence of the harmonica does a spirited outtake, creating a happening bluesy vibe.  A distinctive dreamy appeal casts a haunting glaze over this song.  The track is embellished with layers from the electric guitars, bass, and drums.

“Sick” is a melodious song that pervades with a haunting quality that contains some melancholy nodes.  The cascading riffs coming from the guitars are reverb-heavy.  The tune picks up a quarter into the song with a faster beat coming in from the drums.  This track has a great alternative rock vibe from the coalescing of guitars, bass, and drums.

“Juliet, Romeo” starts out with a funky backbeat.  This song is a departure from the slower striding tracks on this album.  The song is upbeat and catchy with a great melodious flow.  The track has a great energy and amped feel.  An electric guitar solo sounds off towards the beginning of the track, exuding some fully charged bluesy flavors.

“I’m On Fire” has a groovy doo-wop vibe.  Some happening psychedelic guitars pave the way to this song.  A great retro cadence that harkens to the '50s and '60s era of music is elicited in this track.  Reverb-filled guitars sound off on this song.  The vocals are filled with a soulful and fiery flavor.

The album closes with a bang.  “Doom/Strange Curses” has a strong sense of urgency that traces this track.  The dramatic sounds coming from the arresting melodies and soaring guitars let up to a psychedelic getup.

With reverb-drenched guitars and soulful melodies, Laura Paragano’s sound recalls the sound of Best Coast and Alabama Shakes.

The startling and dazzling tracks will create a heady rush of surprise to listeners who first happen on Paragano’s album.

These are slow-burners that burn with a ferocity rarely exhibited from a brand-new artist.

Highly emotional and powerful, this record is filled with some achingly sweet melodies.

The soulful cadence from a driven artist really conquers.  Paragano dishes out some introspective and moving songs on this ambitious album.

On this happening indie rock compilation that blends in some great bluesy and surf rock flavors, the vocals are decked out with emotion and adds a nice dynamic pulse to the music.

Strange Curses is due out for release September 17, 2018.

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