'Last Man Standing' - How are they filming Kaitlyn Dever?

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Where's Eve?

Last Man Standing has been off for a year now, and primary actress Kaitlyn Dever who plays Eve, the youngest daughter, had moved on to her role in Netflix’s Unbelievable.

So how will FOX handle filming her roles?

The plan to explain her absence is that she will be away at the Air Force Academy. Then she will film B roll that producers can cut into episodes through the season.

Executive producer, Kevin Abbott shared with TVLine, “Kaitlyn’s working really hard so that whenever she has a break, we will film her. We’re going to write… B-stories for the purpose of being able to shoot her in a scene and then drop it into a later episode.”

Which child will now be the focus as all the daughters are grown up? That will be now 12-year-old grandson Boyd, who's mom is the eldest daughter, Kristin's son. The role was recast for an older actor with Jet Jurgensmeyer.

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Historically, the show has played off the manliest man conflict between Mike (Tim Allen) and Boyd's dad, Ryan Vogelson (Jordan Masterson). Ryan is the total opposite of Mike and their ideas on how to raise a son cause quite a lot of friction. It should be interesting to see how amped the tension is in season 7.

While things are worked out with Kaitlyn, the role of middle daughter, Mandy had to be recast since Molly Ephraim moved on to other projects as well. She will be replaced by Molly McCook, according to Country Living.

Otherwise, the cast remains intact and the show will go on.

Will you be tuning in to season 7 of Last Man Standing on FOX? Tell us below!

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