'Bumblebee' trailer number two shows more Transformers

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Bumblebee has some new Decepticons showing up in the trailer

Bumblebee is the latest movie to come to us from the Transformers universe. The spin-off prequel starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena hits theaters December 21.

The Transformers movies have declined in ratings and audience opinion since the first came out in 2007. Full of plenty of Michael Bay explosions and confusing sub-par plots, each movie was received worse than the one before it. The first one, in my opinion, remains the best.

An announcement of a Bumblebee spinoff came around 2016 and I myself had some skepticism of how could it would be based on the rest of the franchise. With a new director in Travis Knight and Michael Bay serving as producer only, maybe things can turn around.

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As for the new Bumblebee trailer, we got to see what other Transformer characters will appear in the movie. Everyone's favorite yellow Beetle will have his robot hands full dealing with a lot of Decepticons. Shatter and Dropkick look to be the main antagonists along with Blitzwing and Barricade.

Soundwave made and exciting appearance in the trailer but we will have to wait to see what his role is. Ravage and Shockwave also appear but it is unknown if all three have cameos or bigger parts.

Optimus Prime himself showed up in the form of a hologram and what is sure to be a cameo only. Legendary voice actor Peter Cullen returns to voice his most famous character role.

The trailer looks promising and has my interest is peaked for what looks to be an action-packed fun ride. Action has never been the problem though, it's about making an intriguing story that doesn't go all over the place. Bumblebee is part of the big holiday schedule and I'm sure will be a success financially. Let's hope this can turn around the Transformers franchise.

You can check out the new trailer below:

Does the new Bumblebee trailer have you excited for the new movie? Let us know in the comments

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