Brooklyn's very own 29Rooms is back and better than ever

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Calling all Instagram and photography enthusiasts! 29Rooms is back for one final weekend starting Friday, Sept. 14.

This past weekend marked Refinery 29's 3rd annual 29Rooms, an interactive photo exhibit in Brooklyn. People from all over the tri-state area lined up for weekend one of this once a year exhibit featuring 29 unique artists.

This exhibit has something for everyone, whether you're interested in taking pictures or being the subject, each unique room had given you enough content to fill up your Instagram page.

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Within the past year, the Brooklyn based exhibit decided to pack its bags and head across the country to spread the art to Chicago and San Francisco.

29rooms, refinery 29, instagram, Hollywood, photo, exhibit
Credit: Alyson Ellner/Stars and Celebs

This year's artists included Nicole Richie who had a stars and space themed room and Rupi Kaur who had a relaxation and shutting off themed room.

29rooms, refinery 29, instagram, Nicole Richie, photo, exhibit, space
Credit: Alyson Ellner/Stars and Celebs

There were also sponsored rooms from major brands like Pantene, Revlon and Aldo Shoes. Each one incorporated things that represented their newest lines.

29Rooms, refinery 29, instagram, sponsored, pantene, photo, exhibit
Credit: Alyson Ellner/Stars and Celebs

The judgment-free environment had rooms to express spirituality, the right to vote, women supporting women, giving advice to your inner child and letting loose.

One of the biggest hits of the event was a nightclub scene with lights, music, dancers and the freedom to just live. And if that didn't get people to loosen up, there was also a wacky inflatable room to shake every worry out.

29Rooms, refinery 29, yes room, photo, exhibit, instagram
Credit: Alyson Ellner/Stars and Celebs

The newest additions to this popular exhibit are the 'Starlight Sessions,' a 21 and up nighttime feature which has shorter lines, special guests, food, cocktails and a DJ.

29Rooms, refinery 29, instagram, photo, exhibit
Credit: Alyson Ellner/Stars and Celebs

29Rooms is a way to write, create, explore, play, and interact! Get ready to live out your Instagram dreams because the second and final weekend starts tonight, are you going to check it out?

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