6lack releases new album 'East Atlanta Love Letter'

6lack, Hip Hop, R&B, 'East Atlanta Love Letter'

Atlantic singer, songwriter and rapper 6lack makes his sophomore debut with his new album East Atlanta Love Letter. 

Two years after the release of his first album Free 6lack, 6lack releases his new album East Atlanta Love Letter. Similar to his first album, 6lack continues to utilize his unique sound with a new sense of maturity.

Unlike his first album, which had no features, Atlantic artist 6lack recruits other top artists to collaborate on his new album East Atlanta letter. In an interview with Zane Lowe, artist black says, "it wasn't just versus and it wasn't just appearances," when referring to the features that he has on his album. 

He continues by saying, "It was people stepping into my world and saying what they might not say on their track."

6lack's unique approach to collaborating with other artists allow him to keep his unique sound without compromising his music. 

The first feature on the album is with fellow Atlantic artist Future in a song that titled the same name as his album "East Atlanta Love Letter." It has all the characteristics of a classic love song however with the infusion of Future's voice and a use of reverb, it creates a unique sound that 6lack is no stranger too. The influence goes both ways because 6lack uses a common term for future which is "Draco."

6lack, J Cole
6lack and J Cole

6lack also has a feature on his album with Grammy nominated artist J Cole. The song is called "Pretty Little Fears." The song mainly focuses on vulnerability you experience when your in a relationship. The sharing of dreams and pretty little fears. 

The album includes features from Offset and Khalid. The album has a total of 14 songs and is approximately 47 minutes. East Atlanta letter is available on all streaming platforms.

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