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The Celebrity Cafe Internships 2018

So you're looking for an internship for the summer or fall? You are in the right place! The Celebrity Cafe offers a cutting-edge program in a virtual office that you can receive academic credit for.

Here are a few words that describe The Celebrity Cafe:


That's just one of the many words to describe The Celebrity Cafe. What makes us unique? To start, we were founded in 1995 and are the longest running, online-only entertainment magazine.  To put that in perspective, we're likely older than you, and definitely older than:

  • The Celebrity Cafe - 1995
  • AOL Instant Messanger - 1997-2017 (RIP)
  • Skype - 2003
  • MySpace - 2004-2011 (RIP)
  • Facebook - 2004
  • YouTube - 2005
  • Twitter - 2006
  • Instagram - 2010
  • Twitch - 2011
  • Snapchat - 2011

We have been learning the internet and social media as this world began and are keeping pace with the industry every day.


You don't get this far without making some changes. For 20 years grew and adapted and learned. In 2017 we rebranded the site and expanded not only what we cover and how we cover it.



What other internship not only offers a broad range of topics to write about but also talk about? And we do mean TALK! From basic social media to interviews, social stories to podcasts we want you to go out and talk to people, at people and about people.


So talking about people, as in sharing information, not behind their back. We didn't get this far by being snarky. We call it as we see it (see our #MeToo and #TimesUp coverage) but we don't trash people for fun nor do we spread rumors.


We have a lifestyle section, but it's not just about beauty, food or fashion it's about LIFE. From Black History Month to Women's History Month, bipolarism to autism, we want to talk about it all. How does that fit in the realm of celebrity? They are just as affected as we are by the topics.


The other thing that makes us unique is our reach. Our readers come from all age groups, all walks of life. That means there isn't much we can't talk about with them. And it's not just who our readers are, it's WHERE they are - and that's worldwide.


The heart of working with us is that you work WITH US. There is no wall between editors and interns ever. We sit in the trenches and write and post and hunt down leads next to you - and we LOVE every minute of it.



We work with you to look beyond your comfort zone and try new things. We start with teaching you the ins and outs of writing stories and conducting interviews for a respected publication, while also giving you real-life experience with SEO, photo curation and manipulation, social media, coding and more.


We're always learning, always growing. We always answer your questions and always work our hardest to help you learn and grow. That means giving you skills for life, not just for now.


To review: if you love entertainment, gaming, YouTubers, movies, music television and everything else celebrity, prefer PJs to dressing up, want to work side by side with a team that's always learning and growing, this is the internship you want.

Do you want to come learn while having fun with us? APPLY TODAY

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