Vinyl Record Day - 10 albums you need on vinyl

It’s Vinyl Record Day!

When some people think of vinyl, they think of the ‘60s or ‘70s, back when that was the only real option for new music. However, there are people who collect vinyl to this day, whether it’s old classics or new masterpieces.

Why would someone want a record with all the new musical mediums available? Mark Richardson at Pitchfork explains that mp3s come in a wide array of sound quality. 128K mp3s sound washed out and distorted compared to their 320K brethren.

Records, however, have reliable sound pressed into every copy. Also, vinyl records are a collectible item. A small purchase today can equal a big payoff in the future for a valuable disc.

Most record buyers collect them because they enjoy the experience – the great sound, the size of the artwork and added bonuses. Some albums lend themselves to vinyl format better than others due to the nature of their sound.

Click next to see our list of albums that you need to hear on vinyl for Vinyl Record Day.

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