Twitch approaching YouTubers with million-dollar deals


Twitch is pursuing deals with YouTubers to the tune of millions in a bid to expand their own audience.

Amazon’s Twitch has approached dozens of YouTube stars, anyone and everyone they could get, to expand its audience outside of gamers, and offered them exclusive live-streaming deals reportedly worth millions, according to Bloomberg.

They have not yet had much success, though. They’ve signed Tanner Braungardt, a prankster with 4 million subscribers, and they’ve struck a deal with the NBA to stream minor league games, but there are no signs of YouTubers jumping ship en masse.

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One problem with the deals is the requirement to live stream a certain number of hours per week. Video games are ideal for livestreaming—they have hours of content at the ready for the streamer to comment on—so asking a figure like Shane Dawson, a long-time YouTuber who specializes in vlogs and conspiracy theories, to stream for hours and hours a week when his content is not a natural fit for that format may be met with refusal.

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