Escape with Tropic's 'Bittersweet' EP [REVIEW]

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A decadent production heavy with electronic/pop/R&B notes

New York-based duo Tropic is made up of electronic producer DJ Phuse and R&B singer/songwriter Jo-B Sebastian.  The pair first collaborated when Phuse remixed Sebastian’s debut single, “Get To Know You.”

The two felt like they had great chemistry together, as their friendship and music kindled into a working relationship.  The duo labeled their new project, Tropic, and since have been making waves with their memorable and elaborate electronic productions that encompass multiple genres that include electro/pop/soul/R&B.

Tropic is releasing their new EP, Bittersweet, 5-tracks that embrace contemporary R&B standards with their lush productions while also dipping into some old school Rhythms & Blues sounds.

The EP starts out with the title track, “Bittersweet,” that starts out with a chill vibe as auto-tuned background vocal harmonies rise up in effect.  Sebastian’s bluesy vocals are filled with soul.  The song has an invigorating R&B vibe and great soaring electronic beats.  The track contains some ambient synths with a real smooth blend that strikingly harkens to an old school 90’s R&B cadence.  Here, Sebastian’s vocals and the electronic sounds bleeps in and out of the song in an oscillating manner.

“Nostalgia” contains a funky groove towards the beginning.  This is a sizzling hot R&B jam as Sebastian’s vocals bring in a sultry flavor to the song.  The track is layered with a rhythm-heavy bassline and keys that give off a wonky vibe filled with funk.  The lyrics are tinged with longing and regret and Sebastian’s vocals are elicited with passion and emotional power.

The keys on “Breathe Again,” give off a New Wave feel with a bit of classic 90’s R&B tied in.  The electronic beats here are lush and extravagant.  Sebastian’s vocals alternate in and out of the song, a sonic blend with a rich production.

“Over You” has an airy and ethereal feel that wafts through the beginning of this song as warbling electronic beats go on to trace the track with a bouncy electronic vibe in the background.  The song is buoyed by a happening electro pop appeal.

“Bittersweet (Redux)” has a soothing R&B vibe.  The vocals, here, are soulful with a bluesy punch.  The ambient synths give a soaring touch as the airy track is filled with ethereal modes.

Tropic is trailblazing with their unique brand of R&B and decadent production with a flair for soaring synths and funky rhythms.  The tracks are substantial, incorporating melodious hooks, intoxicating electronic beats, and a hypnotizing vibe into the EP.

These 5-songs are laced with real heartache and longing as Sebastian sings with passion and emotional power.

Rich with flavors, Tropic is eclectic, enlisting multiple genres into their sound from electro/pop/R&B.

With great electronic layers, Bittersweet has a polished finish with a solid posterior that incorporate decadent beats produced with masterful flair.

Listeners will latch on to this R&B/electronic pop sound that is also accessible to both fans of retro 90’s R&B as well as followers of contemporary R&B.  Rooted in classic R&B, Tropic continue down the same vernacular as their inspirations Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Luther Vandross as well as bringing to the game their fresh hooks, soulful harmonies, and bold electronic beats.

Rendered with sweet potential, Bittersweet proves Tropic is an act to look out for.  Be sure to keep them in the circuit with their really cool and smooth electronic blend keeping you fresh all summer long!

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