Randal Branham releases powerhouse piano-based anthems with an energized alternative vibe on, 'Simple'

Randal Branham

Born in Charleston, West Virginia, Randal Branham relocated to Titusville, Florida with his family in the 1970s where he graduated from Astronaut High School.  It was there that he fostered a growing interest in music, playing the piano since the age of 6 and by the time he was 17, he, together with lyricist Craig Stroupe wrote and copyrighted his first song.

After high school, Branham was classical trained on the piano at Eastern State College, while also enlisting his vocal chops in college choir and doing further voice training at Rollins College.  But in the end, he received a calling for producing his own original music and piano-based popular compositions.

Over the next few years, he began receiving accolades for his music, going on to win the Billboard best song contest for “Kid,” Honorable Mention for “Wonderful,” and the International Song Writers’ award for the song that later became, “Fly Away.”

He also lent his vocal talents to a concert in response to the aftermath of the Pulse tragedy, performing his touching pride anthem, “Man To Man,” co-created with Karen Brandon and released as a single in 2016.  This emotive anthem addresses the universal themes of acceptance and hope to overcome hate and adversity through acts of love.

Branham’s original sound is soul-baring as he performs solely accompanied by daring piano-led melodies that are executed with virtuoso range and great artistic merit.

Branham’s latest album, Simple, is a testament to his range as a talented artist with a penchant for penning tracks that offer an intimate confessional into his experiences while also encompassing an array of sounds from electrifying dance club remixes to heart-warming ballads and energizing, upbeat anthems.

The album opens up with “Simple To Extreme (ft. Tom Goss)” that starts out with an intricate piano melody while an exciting drumming backbeat swiftly accompanies the complex and upbeat piano tune along with Branham’s bold and provoking vocals.  About a relationship put to ruins by a lover who takes things from “simple to extreme” without any compromises, the track is filled with a frenzied energy.

“Wonderful” evokes a retro 80’s-inspired cadence towards the beginning.  This is a slow-burning ballad with some dynamic components coming from the vocals.  An electric electronic beat sounds off along with an inviting piano melody.  This is a pretty dynamic ballad filled with a striking sense of immediacy.  The cadence has a great Adult Contemporary feel to it as sounds of the sax traces the song.  This emotional track contains highly heartfelt lyrics.

“Walking” has an upbeat piano melody that invites listeners into this warm track.  The catchy tune makes for an infectious and contagious cadence.  A happening alt/pop rock vibe is evident on this song.  The descriptive details on this track talk about the scenes of fishermen on the piers, the picturesque waves on the ocean, and the people he passes by as he walks away from the prospect of sitting through a traffic infested bridge on his way home.  This track talks about a person who lives a chaotic lifestyle as he readies himself for change.

“Man To Man (Acoustic)” incorporates Branham’s daring vocals that are alone accompanied by the sounds of an exquisite piano melody.  The bare acoustic song is a sparse rendition that unfolds with solely Branham’s vocals accompanied by the piano in a solo.  The stripped-down feel embraces the simple arrangement styled with powerful vocals and a dynamic accompaniment on the piano.

“Who Is This Lady” starts out with a piano melody that includes a lush symphonic finish.  Elegant strings makes a striking accompaniment to this track.  This ballad has a great ethereal and striking atmospheric undertones.  The highly ambient sounds soar with the cadence coming from the piano, strings, and the refreshing electronic beats.

“Your Shining Love” has ambient synths and soaring electronic beats that fill this song.  Dramatically executed strings also trace this trace, as waves of electric guitar riffs makes for a more metal-driven sound, embracing a darker vibe on this track.  The coalescing of electric guitar, drums, and piano melody accompanied by strings gives off an epic and sweeping feel to the dynamic cadence.  A choral background also gives this song an ethereal feel.

“Dreams” has a sweet and warm sound.  This is a sweeping ballad with a dreamy vibe coming from the piano, bass, electric guitar, and drums.  The track encompasses an ethereal and soaring appeal.

“Slow Dance” incorporates an intricate piano tune that fills this song.  Soaring electronic beats buoy this flowy ballad that has an intoxicating and riveting feel to it that will leave you breathless.  The great romantic sounds come from the multi-layers of electronic beats and synths with traces of strings meld together a powerful and atmospheric vibe.  Traces of the sax is also intermingled into the mix.

“Go Out” is paved by energized keys and bouncing electronic beats.  A happening amped backbeat give up a great up-keyed disco feel as piano keys oscillate in and out of this song to create an invigorating party anthem with a dance club mix vibe.

“Fly Away” contains an ethereal vibe coming from the synths and piano melody.  Cadences of the sax also weaves its way into the track mixed in with thought-provoking Celtic washes that gives this powerful song a soaring and atmospheric sound.  Waves of instrumentals along with Branham’s impressive vocals go on to create an emotional soundscape.

“Touching Down” has a shimmering vibe filled with an ambient background cadence with touches of New Wave encased in the sound.  The reverberating electronic beats create an other-worldly feel giving this song a carefree and inspirational vibe.

“As Much” combines a sweeping piano melody encased in the cadences of strings, electronic beats, and rocking synths.  Traces of the flute also sounds off in the track, adding an exquisite layer to the tune.

“Last Hour” has a haunting and melancholic appeal to this song.  The dynamic ballad draws out some simmering dramatic effects with a strong sense of urgency.  A somber piano melody accompanies the track along with drums, electric guitar, drums and bass.  An underlining sense of immediacy creates a stirring and entrancing quality.  The staccato sounds from the strings add a titillating layer to the song.

“Touching Down (Acoustic)” is an acoustic rendition that is simply arranged with striking piano accompaniment along with Branham’s vocals.  Gradually the cadence of lush stings add a bit of embellishment to the track.  This stripped down version is as equally dynamic as the original song and is instilled with the same dramatic and sweeping quality.

“Man To Man (Club Remix)” is paved with bouncy electronic beats and soaring synths.  Auto-tuned vocals are woven into this club remix.  This remix version sizzles with an overall energized soaring electro vibe.

Powerhouse piano-based tracks with an energized alternative vibe, Simple, is a multi-faceted piece of work that combines electronic beats and string embellishments to bequeath to the world a stellar album-compilation that is an amazing example of pop rock done right.

Randal Branham definitely knows how to add a certain amount of gloss into his music that will make it shine.  His pop rock and alt renditions incorporate symphonic finishes, flourishing string-led and melodious piano-based compositions that pulsate with a stirring energy.

Branham hones these tracks with great artistic merit.  His vocals are inspiring and emotional bringing listeners to the heady gamut of a passionate exchange.

As your heart takes flight listening to these soul-warming songs, you will be warmed by the radiant sounds coming from Branham’s bold vocal deliveries accompanied by energetic piano melodies and lush strings.  Branham is a unique artist whose genre-bending altitudes have created an eclectic cadence that varies between club dance music to intimate acoustic sessions and a series of heartfelt slow-burning ballads.

On the brink of something extraordinary, Branham has imparted something of brilliance out into this world.

Be sure you have a listen today!

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