'Preacher' recap: 'Tom/Brady'


There goes Humperdoo.

The newest episode of Preacher may be entitled “Tom/Brady” (for reasons we’ll get into), but it’s the character of Humperdoo that I can’t stop thinking about.

We last left the Preacher at the foot of the All-Father at the Grail, with Starr pointing a gun at him. Starr is just bluffing of course — the gun is only for appearances until Jesse kills the All-father.

Jesse wastes no time trying to do exactly that. He grabs the gun and begins firing left and right at the guards, eventually getting his chance to take down the All-Father.

He shoots and, believe it or not, he hits him, square in the chest.

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Too bad it’s not enough to bring him down. The All-Father is so large that the bullet didn’t hit his heart, with a Monty Python reference in there stating it “tis only but a flesh wound.”

Jesse, surrounded by more guards, is then chained to a device that will remove the Genesis from his body and place it into somebody else’s — Humperdoo.

While we know Humperdoo can put on a lovely song-and-dance routine, it won’t surprise you to know that the Genesis is far too powerful for Humperdoo to take on. He promptly explodes into a million bloody bits (a moment that made me laugh out loud because it was pretty unexpected), as the Genesis then returns back to Jesse.

He hasn’t won yet, though. The Grail has been working on a cloning technology recently (I have a hunch that’s going to come into play again later this season), allowing them to wheel in the next Humperdoo and try again.

Thus ensues a bloody montage of Humperdoos exploding, again and again, all set to classical music.

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To be fair, they are trying something different every time. They bring in a doctor who explains the process, telling Jesse that they’re making a DNA cocktail with the same amount of goodness and badness that’s present in Jesse. No, it doesn’t make much sense at all, but no one out there is watching Preacher for the science aspect so I can live with it.

After several more tries, they’ve found the combination they’ve been looking for: half Thomas Jefferson, half Wayne Brady. That’s right, the Tom/Brady. This time, the Genesis successfully transfuses with Humperdoo and everyone stands in awe of his glory.

Right before the doctor shoots him in the back of the head, that is, with the All-Father’s approval. He then orders her to wheel in the real Messiah. That means Humperdoo has always been a ploy all along — they have someone else in mind to take over, which is a reveal that they’re saving for the episodes to come.

Back in Cassidy’s side of the story, things are getting worse.

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After finding Hoover spying on them one night, Eccarius and Cass bring him back to their coven to decide what to do with him. Cassidy immediately wants to kill him, but Eccarius talks him out of it. Why not turn him, so he can do some good in the world?

Having seen the last episode, we know that’s not really what he has in mind, but Cassidy buys it.

Funny enough, Hoover buys it too. While he’s not crazy about the idea about only being able to come out at night, he’s pretty excited about the idea of getting to be a vampire, as his character always has been able to find the positive in just about everything.

It’s hard to find that positive when Eccarius gets him alone in his car, though, as Hoover quickly realizes something isn’t right. Luckily, Cassidy is on to Eccarius and gets there at the last second to stop him, which lets Hoover escape.

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The Devil is also back in this episode. This time he’s worked his way up to earth to have a little chat with Gran’ma. Apparently, they know each other quite well and have made many deals together in the past.

Gran’ma is ready to make a new deal. She’s sick of Tulip and wants her out of here. She also knows what the Devil wants — Genesis.

The Devil agrees, sending his assistant to go out there, find Tulip and bring her back to Hell.

Tulip is pretty busy, though. She’s in the middle of completing the heist alongside Featherstone and Jody at the Japanese factory that makes souls.

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After a bit of improvising and a few small hiccups, the heist actually goes as planned and they come away with a suitcase full of souls for Gran’ma. It’s the airplane ride back, though, when the Devil’s assistant makes her appearance and things start to go wrong.

More so for Featherstone than for Tulip. The Devil’s assistant isn’t too bright, as Tulip is pretty easily able to trick her into believing that Featherstone is the one she’s looking for. Thinking she got the best of Satan, she returns to Jody’s truck only to find she’s made a horrible mistake: Featherstone still has the suitcase full of souls with her.

It might be too late. Featherstone is marched out to a bus stop on the end of town, where she finds the Saint of Killers, Eugene and Hitler waiting for her and their ride back to Hell. If anyone is going to save the day here, it’s going to be Hitler, believe it or not, as the episode ends with him making a secret call to one of his coworkers at the sandwich stop, presumingly asking if he can come to bail them all out.

So it looks like all of them are about to escape again. I doubt the Devil is going to be too happy about that.

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We’ll find out soon enough, though. Tune in to AMC tonight to catch the new episode of Preacher, and read some of our other Preacher recaps by clicking here!

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