Newest Snapchat lenses are voice activated

newest snapchat

Newest Snapchat lenses can now decipher, as of Wednesday, certain words: 'wow', 'love', 'yes', 'now', and 'hi'.

Snapchat has delved into voice recognition, and so far it appears successful. According to TubeFilter, one lens, activating to the word 'wow', causes comic book bubbles to pop up behind the user's head. Saying the word 'love' causes, in conjunction with the strains of jazz music, petals to fly across the screen.

Snapchat said it will make five to six of the lenses available in the next week, according to TechCrunch. The lenses will provide the prompt to trigger the sequence.

This past May saw the first sound-activated lens. However, Snapchat has also introduced World Lenses, which add AR elements to scenes. In addition to that, Snapchat has created lenses that can paint your surroundings, as well as alter the sky.

These new lenses with unique technology could serve to keep users interested.

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