National Piano Month: 10 celebrities you didn’t know played piano

September is National Piano Month. The piano is an adaptable instrument, equally at home in blues, jazz, pop, rock, or classical music.

Many people start learning piano at an early age. For some of them, it remains a hobby, while others go on to become famous musicians known around the world. And then there are those who become celebrities in other areas, but continue to play for fun.

For Piano Month, we have put together a list of A-list actors and actresses with musical backgrounds. Some played as a simple pastime, others studied piano in college hoping to make something of their ability. A few of them have found ways to work it into their careers.

Think you know who’s on this list? We bet you can’t guess all 10. Get ready to be surprised.

We wish you luck as you scroll through the 10 celebrities you didn’t know played the piano.

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Jesse Cook

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