My Hero Academia: 'Two Heroes' releases English trailer

My Hero Academia, releases, English dub, trailer

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is steadily creeping up on its anime film debut with fans clamoring to see the first film in the series.

And My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is coming to select theaters starting on September 26 and October 2 as part of the 400-plus cities that Funimation has decided to release the film to.

For those first two dates, fans can watch the film subbed in Japanese with English subtitles or they can go see the dubbed version which is listed for September 25, 27 and 29.

The film was released a little over a month ago at the Anime Expo and it garnered rave reviews.

The English dub of the film’s trailer released Tuesday and it shadows the same theme s that has made the anime  so popular both in North America and domestically.

In the trailer, you see Deku and his path to becoming the greatest hero, but you also see hints of All Might in his past and all of the other U.A. students as they are shown at “I Island” where most of the main story lines take place.

This is an original story overseen by the manga’s author Horikoshi, established after the terms’ exams.

 Are you excited about My Hero Academia: Two Heroes English dub and sub releases? Comment below.

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