More celebrities you will never believe were game show hosts

Wait ... they also hosted a game show!?

If you couldn't believe the famous names that were on the previous list of celebrities who have hosted a game show, wait to you see which celebrities are featured on this list. From music icons to well-known actors to broadcasting legends, the ten stars you are about to witness are part of an exclusive club that includes Maury Povich, John McEnroe and Walter Cronkite. These are celebrities that many forget were game show hosts at least once in their show business career.

Just like last time, some of these celebrities actually embraced their role as a game show host nicely. However, others still get game show fans shaking their heads and asking how any game show producer thought they would be a great fit to host their show. As you saw with the last list and you will see with this list, it's evident that any person with a famous name can be tapped to host a game show.

Unfortunately, many times what ends up happening is the host, who typically has no game show hosting experience, will either show the viewers that they should stick to the entertainment field they know best, will ruin a decent game show format, or worst case scenario, both.

Luckily, the two lists contain a few gems that really shined during their game show hosting days and made a lot of viewers regain some of their faith in random celebrities getting the game show host green light.

Once again, most of the shows these celebrities emceed aired within the last 20 years. However, sprinkled within are some shows from a time when the classic game show hosts ruled the airwaves and if your name wasn't Tom Kennedy, Bob Eubanks, Wink Martindale or Bill Cullen, you probably were not going to get the job as easily. So, it's always interesting to note celebrities from the 60s through the 80s who donned their best Bob Barker smile.

William Shatner
Courtesy of William Shatner/Twitter

Remember, just because they are a notable figure in the world of television doesn't mean they are a natural game show host, as you will see throughout the list.

With that being said, here are ten more celebrities you will never believe were game show hosts.

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