Surf rockers Lucky 757 latest release, 'Lonesome Lagoon', is filled with feel-good psychedelic vibes

Surf rockers Lucky 757

Surf rockers Lucky 757 are paving the way in awakening a new era of psychedelic rockabilly surf with a swing emphasis.

Formed on the basis of their combined love for nostalgia rock, the band comprises of father/son duo Danny (rhythm guitar and back vocals) and Cory (lead vocals and lead guitar), Sam Haga (upright bass, electric bass, producer, and backup vocals) and Angel Lopez (all things drums and percussions, backup vocals).

They have shaped their sound, performing at such venues like Gretsch stage at Lake Havasu Rockabilly Reunion (NV), and the Rats Nest Run Inn (NY), and the Americana Music Fest (Virginia Beach).  Avid followers of their live performances can also vouch for their recordings, which also pervade with some high-energy, feel-good vibes.   Their back catalog includes two previous recordings, both releases going on to receive acclaim by the rockabilly community and radio airplay.

Their latest LP, Lonesome Lagoon, explores a classic rockabilly surf sound with a modern fun twist.

The new album unfolds with “Spanish Shore” that starts out with a great surf rock flair with psychedelic embellishments and a swing-bent.  This is certainly out of this world fare.  A fun-loving energetic instrumental track, revving guitars filled with reverb form a wall of sound.  This is a radio-active rockabilly surf vibe with a crisp classic soundscape.

“Mar Agitado” is a sonically enticing surf rock song that harkens to the 50’s and 60’s era of classic rock with a really great retro feel.  The happening blend of psychedelic and surf rock will have listeners reeling in the inter-galactic guitar cadences with relish.  The sound is paved by an energetic rock appeal with some great rhythms on the basslines.

“Cross Steppin’” starts out with fast guitars, bass, and drums, as the players perform the track under speedy duress.  The instrumentals are drenched in the sound of reverb, giving off a garage rock cadence mixed in with a stellar surf rock feel.

“Reflecting” begins with a slower sauntering tune coming from the electric guitar, bass, and drums, emitting an introspective perspective coming from the electric guitar that ties in a nostalgic vibe.

“Belvedere Banzai” fully elicits some revving reverberating guitars that shimmy across with a psychedelic-enthused type of surf rockabilly.  The blazing sound is emblazed with a truly electric and amped feel.

“Fernando” starts off with some chimes sounding off towards the beginning of this song.  The track contains a mariachi appeal, traced by a triumphant sound coming from the trumpets.  Listeners will be buoyed by this psychedelic surf rock song.

“The Voyager” has a great kick-back feel to it.  This is something really nice to relax to.  The track definitely has a dreamy and nostalgic vibe to it.  The song contains a stellar electric guitar solo that will have couples shimmying in the dark to this nice slow tune.

The revving surf sounds on, “MONSTA!” ricochet off the walls, bouncing off of some sort of sonic energy and is relinquished out into the world untamed and raw.  This track eludes a haunting quality.  Its monster motifs make it devastatingly cool, as listeners get intoxicated by its real smooth vibe.

“Mugsy” starts off with the sound of chimes paving this song.  An insane wall of guitars, bass, and drums make this music the dynamic type of surf rock that will have audiences turning to it again and again.  The energy has a frenzied feel as the instrumentals are executed in top-notch speed.

The closer and title-track eases to a start with a slow tune.  Eventually the cadences of the electric guitar closes in, delving into a psychedelic solo.  The music is somber, touching upon a more melancholic rhythmic pulse, but soon the sound speeds up, eliciting a more revved up cadence to the song.

A real cool, smooth psychedelic blend, Lonesome Lagoon is the Lucky 757’s modern take on rockabilly surf rock.

The quartet pay ode to American roots music while imparting their own interpretations into the genre.  What results is an energetic concoction brimming with fun-loving tunes and feel-good vibes.

Lonesome Lagoon is an LP that contains some major jam-sessions, as the band totally jives here with their contagious sound revving with reverberating guitars and a wall of cadences formed by insanely driven electric guitars, bass, and drums.

What better way to relieve yourself from the heat than by getting a splash of fun from the Lucky 757’s latest.  Lonesome Lagoon will be sure to keep you cool all summer long.


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