'Marvel's Spider-Man' DLC schedule released

Marvel's Spider-Man, DLC, schedule

Marvel’s Spider-Man is the newest crave in the gaming fandom of the arachnid-like hero’s universe.

And starting September 7, Marvel’s Spider-Man will be made available to all PlayStation 4 gamers in this interactive adventure, featuring three different game modes.

Fans of the game are excited about the “Be Spider-Man,” “Worlds-Collide” and “Marvel's New York is your Playground.”

But PlayStation has already revealed the DLC for the game which will be called, Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps DLC.

The DLC will be broken down into three separate installments, beginning with the chapter of Marvel’s Spider Man: The Heist and it will be released on October 23.

There will be a new chapter of the DLC for each month.

November 2018: Spider-Man: Turf Wars

December 2018: Spider-Man: Silver Lining

You can buy the entire City That Never Sleeps saga for $24.99 with each chapter available for $9.99 each. Each chapter will have new story missions, challenges and suits.

Are you excited for Marvel’s Spider-Man and the upcoming DLC? Comment below.

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